About my work

Over 12,000 native plant species exist in Western Australia, and more than half of those are found nowhere else in the world.

I have been taking photographs for almost 20 years. About a decade ago, faced with creativity block, I went for a walk in local bushland, armed with my camera. It was on this trip, that I first fell for the beauty and intricacy of Banksias.

My photographs of Australian wildflowers and unique plants now shine in fine art prints, handmade photo jewellery, accessories, and home decor.

Bring the great outdoors, indoors, and enjoy the vibrant colours, intricate detail, and diversity of the Australian bush.

© Kell Rowe 2014. www.blackcurrantphotography.com.au

Each of my online shopfronts has a slightly different range of products available, and some are exclusive only to that store.



This is where you can purchase cushion covers, phone cases, and home decor items featuring my pictures. Redbubble handle all the payment, production and shipping of items and will deliver worldwide.  Items ship from both Australia and the US.

Redbubble only have a small selection of my folio available, but you will find this the most affordable option for large scale works to be shipped interstate and overseas.


If you have a little more time up your sleeve, I’d like the opportunity to create a piece of art for your home or office using images from my extensive body of work.

I will work with you to select the best medium for your desired piece and will be personally involved in having that image produced for you at my professional photographic lab.


If you wish to acquire one of my fine art photographs for your home or workplace, please email me at info@blackcurrantphotography.com.au


My Etsy store was established in 2007. You will need a free Etsy account in order to purchase, and all transactions are securely done via Paypal. All items ship from my home in Perth, Western Australia.


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