Keep one of my pieces of handmade photo jewellery close to your heart whilst on your travels. When you’re feeling homesick for Australia,  the bright colours of our unique plants, will help to brighten your day.

They also make stunning and memorable gifts for friends from foreign lands.

© Kell Rowe 2012.

© Kell Rowe 2012.

During 2010 whilst back at college to get my Diploma of Photoimaging, I discovered acrylic ‘iceblocks’ and facemounted framing.
I loved the crisp, clear 3D effect and the pop of metallic paper so I started to workshop how to apply that concept to make something I could sell to people that may not usually buy art. I learnt how to make glass tile jewellery and over the last 2 years have developed my own style, combining my bright and poppy nature pictures with glass.

I hand make every piece of jewellery myself, taking about 2hrs plus drying time. Once the photo and the glass are stuck together I sand the edges until they’re smooth, trying not to breathe in glue and dust!

It wasn’t intentional, but to date I have never made exactly the same piece twice. I sometimes use the same image, but different angles, paper types or glass shapes mean that almost every piece is one of a kind (ooak). I photograph each piece individually, so what you see in my shop is what you’ll receive.

My jewellery and accessories have found new homes all over the world, with many fellow Australians taking them on their travels to give as gifts to friends overseas, or to friends getting married. Where will your favourite piece of art travel to?

Jewellery pieces can be purchased from my Etsy shop. You will need to set up a free account, and make your purchase using Paypal.

Jewellery and small accessories are packaged in crystal clear cello bags, and carefully wrapped in bubble wrap for postage. I also gift wrap in pretty purple paper (on request).

© Kell Rowe 2012.

© Kell Rowe 2012.



Some testimonials about my jewellery:

Etsy feedback

“Beautiful, unique earrings. A pleasure to deal with this seller, wonderful customer service. Thank you! :)”

“Anyone who is in two minds about buying one of the gorgeous pendants, DO IT! They are stunning, so much more beautiful in person.”

“Very swift postage, arrived undamaged due to careful packing and absolutely stunning! Bought as a gift and I am confident the recipient will be very happy! Would highly recommend any of this seller’s products.”




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