In a world where we rely on social media to remind us of birthdays, and travel tales can be shared instantly from the road, don’t you sometimes long for the days of receiving something other than bills in the mailbox?

Embrace snail mail, share art, and enjoy the magical journey a slightly dog-eared postcard has made on its way to your friend’s mailbox.



My greeting cards make for wonderful keepsake gifts, perfect for wedding wishing wells, and are suitable for standard size frames (6×4″ and 5×7″), making them a very economical way of collecting your favourite pieces from my folio.

Postcards and greeting cards are printed to order by my agents at Redbubble and shipped directly to you.  Cards in my Etsy shop have been pre-purchased and inspected by me, and ship directly from my home in Perth. 

Greeting cards and postcards are usually 6×4″ (10x15cm) with a larger size of card available via Redbubble. They cost approximately AU$5-$7, and Redbubble offer quantity discounts. This makes them a great option for wedding and event invitations, as you can buy in bulk then glue your translucent patterned invitation sheets inside. © Kell Rowe 2012  DSC_0105 © Kell Rowe 2012  DSC_4571

Start shopping!


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