Canvas prints

Economy Canvas.

Printed for you by my agents at Redbubble, my Economy Giclee canvases have a sturdy eucalyptus frame over which your UV lacquered print is stretched. Cotton/Poly blend Canson canvas is used, with high quality Epsom inks.

Sizes and prices vary by image, with the most common size available being 8×12″ (304 x 203mm). This size will cost you approximately AU$155 plus postage.

A limited selection of my folio is available, with all transactions and shipping handled by Redbubble. All images have my name/logo printed in a corner – so you can show off your fantastic taste in homegrown art! πŸ˜‰

Fine art Canvas.

Fine art canvases are proofed and printed in Perth by my professional photo lab and inspected by myself prior to delivery. High quality archival prints are made via a Giclee printer using Epsom inks on Ilford Galerie Canvas material. Under museum standard care, this is rated archival approx 100 years.

Most images from my folio or Etsy store are available as fine art canvas prints. Just take note of the file name and a brief description of the image content.

At this stage, small fine art canvases are available for quote, custom printing, packaging and delivery within the Perth metro area on request. Delivery outside of the Perth area can be made if you have a reliable, safe, and fully insured courier service to collect them for you at your own risk and expense.

Expect to pay approximately AU$300 for a 12×12″ fine art canvas. Prices are subject to change.


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