About me

Hi I’m Kell, welcome to my site! I’d love to tell you a little about myself.


I specialise in fine art photography of our beautiful and unique Australian native plants. I use my photographs to create gorgeous prints, photo gifts and home decor items, and personal accessories such as tote bags and device cases.

I’ve been taking photographs since I was about 8, and started using a SLR film camera way back in 1997 whilst studying at Kalamunda Senior High in the Perth hills. I completed 2 years photography study at high school before being accepted to Central TAFE to study my Certificate IV.

After a decade in frontline customer service roles  I returned to study, completing my Diploma of Photoimaging at Central Institute of Technology in 2010. I created Blackcurrant Photography in July 2010 and sell my work via Etsy, Redbubble and my own website.

I reside in Perth with my partner, our baby, and my 10 year old cat, (Tierney) Bop.
The four of us are currently planning our next big adventure. Well, maybe not Bop… he’s probably just planning how to scam two lots of dinner.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Kell, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Love your work! I just realised you’re the Kell I have in my Etsy circle:) Looking forward to seeing your future projects!

    xox Cassie

  2. Hey honey…I’ve just awarded you the Very Inspirational Blogger Award! Follow my blog on my own award on how to claim…and thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world xxx

  3. Hi Kell… told you I’d check out your blog. We have some things in comon… A like of Annie Leibovitz, chocolate, good coffee, spring, Powderfinger (my fav Oz band of all time), tattoos and creative friends. Oh and I love my point and shoot camera – but I have to take an awful lot of pics to get one good one! Thanks for today, (I’m looking forward to seeing your pics) and for the book recommendation – I’m sure it will be a life saver. Cheers

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