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Stolen moments – Snapshot of Perth City 16/8/14

I love a stolen moment. An everyday scene, quite ordinary, quickly forgotten, routine perhaps to the people involved in it.

Often life gets so busy that I will snap away with my camera, perhaps inspired for a fleeting moment by a piece of architecture, or a collection of people, but then the photo ends up in my archives purely because it wasn’t a priority to finish processing it. This happens a fair bit more than I’d like to admit, but hey, we all have unfinished projects.

These two images found me again whilst I was searching my Lightroom archives for My place in time photos.
The architecture struck me initially, then I searched within the photo (some will know what I mean by pixel peeping) and found so much going on with the people I captured. I LOVE this type of photography. Why were these people in that spot? What were they doing that day? Was it a great day? Perhaps a last day?

Photographs where your eyes search the image, drawing it all in and wanting to see more, know more. This is what keeps me going. It’s just so interesting to capture the everyday!


Trinity Church, Saturday 16 August 2014. 1:33:39pm

Trinity Church, Saturday 16 August 2014. 1:33:39pm


There’s so much going on in this photograph. It’s around lunchtime on a Saturday afternoon, and the church is situated along the main street, St Georges Terrace. It’s more than likely that these people are waiting for a bus.
I’m intrigued by the box of flowers on the steps – do they belong to the girl with the big bag, or the man at the top of the steps? Or have they been left behind?

Is that bloke in the top corner actually asleep? He looks pretty worn out.


A section of the previous photo.


© Kell Rowe 2014.

This man above is about to have a conversation with the young woman striding across the left of the photograph. Seeing as they both seem to have a cigarette in their hands, I expect she’s after a light.

A lot can happen in 14 seconds, and the scene has changed slightly. The man at the top of the steps located his sandwich, and the girl has stopped wrestling with her bag. I guess those flowers must be hers. Some of the passers by have moved on, but the bus still hasn’t arrived for the man at the bottom left.

© Kell Rowe 2014.

Trinity Church, Saturday 16 August 2014. 1:33:53pm


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