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Q&A The Liebster Award. Basically, a get to know each other post.

I love reading these kinds of posts, and I quite like getting to know online friends on a more personal level. 

The point is to tag 11 bloggers who have 200 followers or less and ask them 11 questions you make up yourself.

Originally, the award was for people with less than 3000 followers and since the rules have changed from being passed along so often, the people I tagged myself aren’t due to the amount of followers they have or haven’t, it’s because these are bloggers I genuinely find interesting and would love to see their answers to the questions.

I’m also aware that people get tagged in these posts often, so if you’ve recently answered one or even if you don’t want to do the whole ‘pass it along’ part and just want to do a Q&A post, that’s cool!

I was tagged for the Liebster award by the absolutely lovely Aoife from Kimdot.

I honestly can’t remember how I met Aoife (who is obviously very Irish), but I started following her photo posts back when she was living abroad in Canada. She has since fallen head over heels in love, and is living in Leicester, England.  I continue to follow her adventures via Twitter and Instagram, where she likes to completely mess with my head by posting trippy photographs of herself levitating.

Aoife levitating. Photo by Aoife Blake.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Aoife gave me a list of ‘get to know you’ questions and has asked me to post my answers, in turn tagging some more blogs. Seems easy enough, right? Also, it’s a bit of a deviation from my current line of blog post topics. So why not? Let’s get into it….

What were your reasons to start blogging?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and have kept diaries pretty much from the age of 11. Most of these diaries still exist, except for the lost period of 93/94 where I had this not so genius idea to record all my thoughts in texta on the interior of my wardrobe, and the slats above my bed (I shared a room with my sister from the age of 12-19 and she had the top bunk). That must have made for interesting reading for the people that picked up the furniture on bulk rubbish day…

As I got older I shared my thoughts and creativity via my own website which was built from scratch (as you did back in 1996). I thought it was the coolest site in the world with all its flashing GIFs and link rings, and guestbooks. It wasn’t, but in a way you could say a lot more creativity and individuality went into those early websites my friends and I made, than the modern day social pages like Facebook.

My reasons for starting this particular blog (originally on Blogger) were simple. I was studying for my diploma at TAFE, and I wanted somewhere to share my work in progress and the experience I was going through with my studies. The blog later branched more into a business site, and has grown and adapted with me as I transitioned from student to small business owner.

An earlier version of my blog, October 2011.

An earlier version of my blog, October 2011.

What’s the most sentimental item you own?

Ted. He’s going to be 32 at Christmas. He’s very worn out and I can no longer hug him for fear he will disintegrate or I will catch some awful micro-organism from the accumulated dust… but I love him to bits and he’s still my ‘go back for if the house is on fire’ item. I should really get a glass box or something for him.

Ted - photo taken in 2009. He has more holes now. =(

Ted – photo taken in 2009.
He has a lot more holes now. =(

Your most favourite way to spend a comfy evening?

Most evenings are comfortable at our house and usually involve dinner, some news, my favourite soapie (Home and Away), and then 1-2 episodes of various series we enjoy watching. I usually undertake all these activities whilst simultaneously reading something, and using FB, twitter, and Instagram. Sometimes we will read instead.

Oh and stare at the cat. We do that a lot. We even invented a game called Kitty Ker-Plunk. We take turns to prod the cat’s back until he swipes at one of us. Yeah… we don’t get out much. Haha.

I’m a huge fan of Aussie comedy/dramas. We’re currently working our way through “Love my way” because I’d never seen it before. Earlier this year I became obsessed with “Offspring” and watched all three seasons back to back before season four started. I’m suffering awful withdrawals and am completely heartbroken about the last few episodes of season four. *sniff*

What’s the best experience you’ve had that you wish you could replay over and over?

What a difficult question! There are times I certainly wish that we’d had a video of our wedding day and honeymoon (I had a snapshot camera that recorded video, I just never thought to use it).

I wish I could watch back through our (Jason and my) first holiday again. It was January 2003, we had been together for about 5 months and weren’t yet living together. We didn’t have a lot of money so we chose to drive to the Great Southern to stay at the Stirling Ranges. We had a tiny cabin with just a bed, small kitchenette, and a couple of chairs. There was no phone signal, no tv, no internet, and no mains water. We entertained ourselves talking, playing cds, and reading. It was a great bonding experience that would never work now, we’d kill each other!

Whilst down there, I re-read “Tomorrow when the war began”. If you ever want to scare the absolute bejeezus out of yourself, read a book about your country being invaded whilst you are out in the middle of nowhere, completely cut off from society.

Porongarups - January 2003.

Porongurups – January 2003.

If you could transition one fictional character from their story into real life who would it be?

I read a lot of biographies, so this is a quite difficult question; I don’t know where to start. I’m tempted to pick one of the witches from Harry Potter just so that I could have some house cleaning charms…
I adore the “Tomorrow” series by John Marsden, but I’m not actually sure I’d want to meet any of the characters, they’ve been through a lot.

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without but you wish you could?

My hair straighteners, and hair dye. I know both are doing me harm (as is my constant application and removal of nail polish), but I look far too unkempt without them.

Where do you wish to be in 10 years time?

I answered these questions back when I was 16/17 and naively believed I would have a huge house on Sydney Harbour, and be a successful photographer taking promo photos for comedians and for theatre programs. By 27. Oh, and married to Ed Byrne.

Ten years from now, I just want to feel healthy again and not be so damn tired all the time.  I want to have produced a few books of my photographs, had a couple of exhibitions, and be getting paid for my fine art work. I hope the ten years will be full of travel around Australia visiting the friends I’ve made over the last 10-15 years. I want to explore the UK too.

I hope that we finally have a place to call our own, and I hope that we have enough money to be comfortable and out of debt.

I also hope that the ten years has been kind to us, and has allowed my dear husband to study something special to him, and that he eventually makes some close male friends to hang out with.

What’s something that didn’t go as planned at the time but you can now look back on and laugh?

Pretty much any instance where I have opened my mouth in front of someone famous.

If you could trade lives with one blogger for a week who would it be?

Well, I *would* love to visit the UK and take lots of photographs of castles and cathedrals, so probably Aoife. Only that would require her coming here, and seeing as Jas likes Irish accents, it might not work out in my favour. Haha.I would actually prefer to go and meet my favourite bloggers and spend time with them rather than swap lives with them. Jamie could bake for me and we could finally shoot our cookbook. I could hang out with Charlie and take photos of the beach (given he only lives an hour away it’s just sheer laziness and schedule clashing stopping me). I’d hang out with Jay and drink too much tea whilst watching her paint, and I’d blissfully traipse all over Jess’ garden, photographing birds and the kitties.

What’s your most loved piece of clothing?


My gorgeous year 12 ball dress. No, that isn’t my natural hair colour. Yes that is a Bananas in Pyjamas watch.

My wedding dress. It doesn’t get worn very often though. Besides that, probably my red coat.

I have a habit of hoarding old clothes that don’t fit, but that I am emotionally attached to, such as my velvet jacket from ’99, my year 12 ball dress, my GNW t-shirt, and a pair of bubblegum pink cord jeans that I bought just to irritate my husband.

Me on our wedding day in 2008.

Me on our wedding day in 2008.

I don’t post too many photos from our wedding, as I don’t particularly want them pinched and plastered all over Pinterest. This one shows the dress well, and is part of a larger photo that we have in black and white on our wall. I love it to bits and highly recommend Roger from Envy Photography for wedding coverage.

What’s your biggest, most cringe-worthy guilty pleasure?

Tim Minchin has a funny answer to this question (Google it). I don’t. Few things that cause me pleasure have any guilt or cringing attached to them at all.

My list of questions for those I’m tagging:

1) Do you have a place you visit in a recurring dream?

2) Which albums or songs were your personal soundtrack to the year you turned 18?

3) Which band did you originally hate but in time became one of your favourites?

4) Which is your favourite holiday, and how do you usually celebrate it?

5) What is your most outrageous Lotto dream? Not helping family/charity or paying bills, just something completely out there if you had the money and permission to do anything.

6) Where do you wish you could revisit again for the very first time?

7) When do you think we will finally have hoverboards?

8) What is your favourite photograph of yourself?

9) What is your favourite memory about the town/city you live in now?

10) What is the song that you danced to when you first danced with someone you liked?11) What now obsolete or lost item from your childhood/teens, do you wish you could bring back?

Bonus question) What question do you wish I’d asked you, and how would you answer it?

I’m tagging these friends:
Jamie at Sweetest Kitchen
Charlie at Run Charlie Run
Justin at Ramblings of a man
Julie at Tractorgirl
Krissy at Pretty Paper Things
Janine at Reflections from a redhead
Peggy at Cake crumbs and beach sand
Kylie at Adventurous solitude
Tim at Cheeky Monkey 
Anna at Life’s shiny pretty things
ucy at The icing on my cupcake

You can still take part even if you haven’t been tagged. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Q&A The Liebster Award. Basically, a get to know each other post.

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  2. Love it! Thanks so much for answering my questions and for saying such lovely things.
    First of all, you know if you’re ever on his side of the world you can visit. No problem. Secondly, your wedding dress is amazing. You look absolutely stunning in it! I’d probably never stop doing dramatic movements with my arms in it, they looks like so much fun to swoosh around.

    Aoife x

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  4. oh cool! I need to have a better read through and reply to this when I’m not at work!
    You’re always welcome to come down to ours (although I can’t guarantee it’ll be remotely tidy – our house is a perpetual work in progress) for tea (but healthy living diet means we’ll need advance warning if you want biscuits) and photo taking. Your wedding pic is so funny -you look so stern and gothy – But in reality you’re smiley and more retro than goth!

    • Haha, I’m neither really. I usually just get around in jeans, Docs, and a hoodie.

      I might have to take you up on that offer. We can work it out over brunch. Yay! Brunch!

      🙂 I wanted to tag Jay as well, but I don’t know if she is still blogging.

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