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What I’m loving right now – July 2013.

Sometimes it’s nice to just take a little break and reflect on and what you’re enjoying. This is what I’m enjoying this month:


I was pretty late to the Instagram party. One reason is that I didn’t have an iPhone, then I didn’t have a decent Smartphone, then it was just me being a gigantic photo snob. Anyway, I quite like the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and in the last month or so I’ve embraced Instagram. It’s nice to have an escape. I use pretty much every other platform for my professional photos, so it’s kind of enjoyable to have somewhere I can just post snap shot photos of everyday life. The instant gratification of people liking and chatting is great for my self esteem too.

My back garden.

My back garden – 20th June 2013

Winter sunshine.

The last few years have seen upside down seasons in Perth. We are getting long strings of rainy days later in the year (November and December) and summery weather extending well into April. Whilst we have had a few storms through this winter, many of the days are bright and sunny, but bitterly cold in the mornings and nights due to the lack of clouds.

It’s nice to get out for drives in the sunshine. Last weekend we went for breakfast, and then a walk down by the river in Maylands. The path is between the river and a little storm drain/creek. We were listening to all the frogs and birds calling out to each other. It was great. You can see more photos of this spot here.


By the river in Maylands – 13th July 2013.

Warm gloves and scarves.

The mornings are bitterly cold right now, so I am going to work rugged up in as many layers of uniform and scarves as possible. I’m still looking for a decent pair of (cheap) fingerless gloves, but I have some nice arm and wrist warmers helping me out. The doctor thinks I may have a milder case of Raynaud’s syndrome… either way, my fingers and toes seem to feel the cold more than most people! I recently bought some gloves that are made of the same material as fluffy bedsocks. They are the best thing ever, even if I do go to bed looking like a Muppet.

Here are some beautiful woolly things that I’m toying with adding to my collection:

Cableknit gloves from Evarica.

Melon toned scarf by Petrafanella –


Actually, this is nothing new. I’ve always loved sunflowers, it’s just that at some point I stopped adorning myself with them. I think that needs to change. I have found the most beautiful sunflower print dress, but something is stopping me from buying it….I’m just not sure how good I look in yellow. I’m not posting the photo because I want it all to myself. 😉

Oh, and somebody really needs to make me this bag….

Digital PDF pattern from 2ndlookvintage.

Citrine sunflower ring by DreamyRings.

Sunflower wire earrings from KUKLAStudio.

Paul Kelly.

We listened to Paul Kelly a lot when I was a kid, and I always considered myself a fan. that was until I managed to skip pretty much a decade and a half of new songs. Oops. Now I have some CDs in the car (for the short trips where I don’t have my ipod with me). Still prefer the older stuff, mainly due to nostalgia, but I have found a few newer songs I am enjoying too.
I met Paul a few years back, backstage at Perth’s Concert Hall. It was a little awkward, mainly because my name is Kell(y) and I was there with my brother Paul. I have his autograph around here somewhere…
That photo I linked to is by a guy I know called Anthony Tran. He is now the official Astor Theatre photographer. He’s guest posted here before. Love his work.

My day job.

You probably didn’t expect to see that on the list… but I do really like my health insurance job, despite any grumbling I may do about having to drag myself out of bed and be somewhere every day. I have a great team, work is only a few minutes from home, and it’s nice being able to give people money and chat to people every day. It’s helped me get back on my feet and get a lot of confidence back. I get to meet fellow Spoonies too. Many people with ‘invisible’ illnesses identify as Spoonies.  I was talking to a lady the other day who (following an accident) is heading back to work for the first time in 2 years. She was just so excited to be back earning her own money and getting out of the house. I totally identify with that and I love being able to share in their journeys.
I get a lot of opportunity to use my creativity and initiative too. My manager is very encouraging!
I still have a long way to go, but compared to a year ago I am so far ahead that I barely recognise that old person.

My new glasses.

My new glasses.

My new glasses.

I’ve had the same glasses (a navy blue pair of Donna Karen retro style frames) for about 6 years.  Ok, I did experiment with pink glasses for about 6mths in 2010, but they weren’t for me. It was time for a change, but my God did I agonise over it. I just couldn’t make up my mind, after all, not only was it going to be a huge investment, it was going to completely change my look.

The new frames are a beautiful, translucent ruby red. I bought them online with non-prescription lenses. After a few weeks trying to get used to them by wearing them with contact lenses,  I used my health fund benefits to get transitional presecription lenses put in. Oh wow. I forgot just how more comfortable it is to have the transitions. Especially with glary winter skies!

I was worried that nobody liked them because some people didn’t say anything when I started wearing them every day. but somebody said it’s only because they suit me so much. Let’s go with that.

Blackcurrant’s birthday.

Blackcurrant Photography turns 3 today. I use the end of financial year and the birthday as an excuse to sit down and have a think about how things are going and where to go next. I want to try markets soon and will invest some of my tax return in this. Right now I am having a sale. I love the jewellery currently in stock, but I would really like to try something new. I would love the current stock to find new homes first, so I’m offering 20% off all in stock items until tomorrow. Just use the code BLACKCURRANT3 at checkout. The shop link is

© Kell Rowe 2013
© Kell Rowe 2013

Thanks for reading!

Kell =)


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