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My place in time – Bayview Terrace, Claremont.

This is my place in time.

Lemon Lane: 40 Bayview Tce, Claremont.

Lemon Lane: 40 Bayview Tce, Claremont.

Claremont is one of the upmarket western suburbs of Perth. Tree-lined streets, expensive boutique stores, private schools, and lots of fancy places to while away the hours. It’s managed to keep a lot of its historical buildings (or incorporate facades into newer buildings) and there is quite a lot to discover if you can tear yourself away from the Koko Black chocolate saloon (easier said than done).

Claremont also has a darker history, with both Bayview Tce and a stretch of Stirling Hwy nearby being sites where numerous heartbreaking disappearances  have taken place. Victims of both the Birnies’ and the as-yet-unidentified Claremont Serial Killer were last seen or abducted from this area in the 1980s and 1990s. For a very long time I have felt uneasy even driving through the area, which was difficult when I worked there several years ago.

When I dwell on my apprehension to walk down the street, it seems a bit unjustified. After all, it is just a location. A location can’t be bad, a place can’t hurt you. People might, but people might hurt you anywhere.

Anyway, long story short, I walked down Bayview Tce yesterday for the first time ever, and these photos record some of the lovely things I saw.

#64 A car I’d love to own.

My place in time #64 - A car I'd love to own.

My place in time #64 – A car I’d love to own.

There isn’t really much else that needs to be said. It’s an awesome car and I’ve always wanted a Mustang.

#31 Graffiti

My place in time #31 - Graffiti.

My place in time #31 – Graffiti.

I’m not sure who the artist is that is responsible for the above artwork, but if you know, please let me know so I can credit them. This is painted on the side of a bottle shop on Gugeri St, and has a bit of a Mambo/Reg Mombassa vibe about it.

#29 Three O’Clock in the afternoon.

My place in time #29 Three O'Clock.

My place in time #29 Three O’Clock.

Technically, this photo was taken at 2:52pm. You know what? Close enough! This is the corner of Bayview Tce and Gugeri St. The building in the top left is part of the Claremont railway station. which is on the Fremantle line.

When I was a teenager, we used to throw our bags over one shoulder. When we all started getting back problems the schools and parents made a big deal about carrying ergonomic backpacks as intended, on our backs. These days I see kids flaunting the rules by carrying bags slung so low down, that they almost look like they have gigantic nappies on. They must have some awful bruises on their bottoms!

Here are some other photos from around the street.

Click these smaller pictures to load a gallery view.

These photographs were taken as part of the “My place in time” challenge. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Would you like to buy a 6×4″ or 5×7″ print of one of these challenge photos? Please get in touch via the contact me page.


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