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My place in time – This has been here my whole life

This is my place in time.

My place in time #52 -

#52 – This has been here my whole life.

#52 This place has been here for my whole life.

I’ve never been for a walk around this area before but I’ve spent a life time driving (or being driven) around town, and seeing this  block of flats.  Being right on the train line, I always thought they were in a much worse condition than they look up close, and was pleasantly surprised to see how lovely they are and what amazing views they must have of the city.

This iconic block of flats is called Parkhill and it is situated at 46 Rutland Ave in Lathlain. Thanks to some quick detective work by Lee Baston of Baston Property, as well as Town of Victoria Park, and Landgate, I now know that this building is dated around 1970/1971 with the strata title lodge in October 1970.

It will be a sad day if and when this building is ever demolished, as I can’t imagine the landscape without it. For some views of how it looks inside, look up the address as there’s always a flat for sale or rent. LJ Hooker even show you a view from the awesome balconies.

Jason chose the above image for me out of all the ones I took. He likes the lens flare.

Click the photos below to open the lightbox view.

#56 Power/Electricity

#56 Electricity.

#56 Electricity.

The white puffy building in the centre of the train line photos won’t be around for much longer. It’s the Burswood Dome. It looks cool from the outside but the inside is basically a big, cold, noisy, concrete room. I’ve seen a few shows there over the years (most notably Greenday in December 2010) but it’s not a great venue. I’ll be sad to see it go because it’s been around for so long, but I think it’s a building that’s had a good life and is ready to retire…unlike the entertainment centre which was awesome and should never have been allowed to sit unused for so long.

I still remember being a kid and watching Fat Cat’s Super Saturday Show. The Dome was new then and they were talking about the pressurised ceiling. Apparently if you were to open all the doors and windows, the roof would cave in. Can someone ask Mr Packer if we can try that out just once before we knock it down? Pretty please?

Some random photos from around the area.

© Kell Rowe 2013

© Kell Rowe 2013

© Kell Rowe 2013

These photographs were taken as part of the “My place in time” challenge. You can find out more about the challenge here.

Would you like to buy a 6×4″ or 5×7″ print of one of these challenge photos? Please get in touch via the contact me page.


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