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This is my place in time. Local area history project.



I have always loved history. Pouring over my family’s photo albums as a kid is one of the contributing factors towards wanting to be a photographer myself and it’s something I  still enjoy now.

I’ve been concerned that we could lose a whole generation of photographs and mementos due to the digital age and people not printing their images. Therefore, I would like to engage you in a photo project. I don’t care which part of the world you live in, I just want you to take part in recording your local history.



31 thoughts on “This is my place in time. Local area history project.

  1. I love love love this idea and am going to adapt it for a 6th grade local history project (I will credit you) but in the meantime will try to get your list into photos for #myplaceintime for #Geelong

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for commenting; it’s nice to know that my work is inspiring others!

      I hope your project goes well. Please do credit me as a fair bit of work has gone into this project so far and I would love others to see how I’ve been progressing with it.

      I would suggest perhaps tying the project in with having students revisit “My place” by Nadia Wheatley and “Ten tiny things” by Megan McKindley.

      Enjoy! – Kell =)

      P.S. Which school will be taking on the project?

      • Hi Kell,
        I’m actually a (mature age) uni student. I have to create a history unit of work for a year 6 class in a fictitious school, but as with all of the units of work I create (in all subjects) I hope that when I eventually get a teaching job I will be able to bring them to the school, or adapt them.
        I have Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins’ ‘My Place’ sitting on my desk as I study today 🙂
        I’ve quickly adjusted your list and written a blog post. I’m about to publish it. It has links back to here and I am encouraging people to follow your list.

  2. I’ve just discovered you through Alicia at One Mother Hen blog and I am really inspired by you and your challenge. I love photography but sadly have not had a chance to get out and about and take photos the way I used to since having my first daughter 2 years ago. My favourite thing was to just drive around my local area and photograph anything that caught my eye, especially the old cemeteries. Living in one of the oldest settlements in the country there is so much history around, and so many beautiful things to photograph. I am going to bookmark this page and work my way through the list and set a goal to do at least one prompt each month in 2014. I’ll probably share my photographs on my blog and I can’t wait to get through the list and print up a book with all my pics. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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  13. A great initiative Kelly. Along with printing your photos to high quality matt paper, consider the type of album that you are using. Please don’t use the so-called magnetic albums – look for albums that use acid free paper, photo corners and so on. You may also want to look at products that meet the Photographic Activity Test. Have a look at the guidelines from the National Archives of Australia –

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  15. Reblogged this on .PiXELGRiN. and commented:
    A fellow member of fPOE is starting an AMAZINGLY fantastic photo project. Considering the reason as to WHY I create photos, (hint: if you’re unsure just read my bio) this hits me right in the heart. I think I will start summer time – to give me time to prepare and map out some of the things I want to accomplish along side of this project.

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