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Stirling Hwy in Nedlands: Photo walk 4/5/13, Part 3.

There are some gorgeous examples of Art Deco architecture around Perth’s suburbs, so many so that it’s hard to have a favourite (although Piccadilly is high on the list as that’s where I first saw my now husband). The buildings I love have taken on many roles and paint colours throughout my life (and even more during theirs).

Until I was about 10 there weren’t huge cinema complexes in my suburb and all the major supermarkets. If you wanted to see a movie, you had to go to the megaplex in Innaloo which was enourmous and seemed rather souless with its 8 screens (it now has at least 16). Other options were the 3 or four cinemas in the city (Cinema City, Hoyts, Piccadilly), Cannington (which was ages away when I was little), the last of the rapidly disappearing drive ins, and a few smaller, old cinemas scattered throughout some of Perth’s oldest and more upmarket suburbs (too many to list). The old cinemas had soul, they had flair… they didn’t have hair … (Reference to ‘The Nanny’) but the ushers that brought you Jaffas usually did.  I always thought that was kind of cool to be shown to your seat with a torch too.

One of the old art Deco buildings that has always interested me is the Windsor twin cinema in Nedlands. In its current state it is a deep blue with red detailing on it. I have no idea how it looks inside these days. From memory, I have seen two movies there in my life: The Jetsons, and Robin Hood. You know, the one with the Bryan Adams soundtrack that everyone used for their weddings for the following ten years.

© Kell Rowe 2013


I feel I should get out and photograph more of Perth’s iconic Deco buildings. Maybe the guy in the video below * would like to join in? 😉

* The guy in the video is Tod (@Tod_Johnston) who currently sings rock with Peace Love and all that stuff.
He is known for V Capri, Peace Love, a variety of media gigs including a long stint as a weatherman and children’s tv host, as well as being an incredibly nice guy. There is a V Capri reunion gig on at Belmont Park Racecourse on Saturday 18th May… as far as I know.  Alternatively you can catch him most Friday and Sunday nights singing with Peace Love at Crown. It’s worth the trip!

© Kell Rowe 2013 © Kell Rowe 2013 © Kell Rowe 2013

You can see more of Perth’s iconic Art Deco buildings here. Wikipedia has more information about the Windsor here.

You can see parts 1 and 2 of this photowalk by clicking on the blog tab at the top of my website.


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