Snapshots of my life – January 2013.

My life, January 2013.

My life, January 2013.

A new year always starts with the grandest of plans. Loads of resolutions and the commitment to grand projects like taking a photo to a theme or taking one every day for a year. This year I pre-empted my nasty habit of letting life get in the way of documenting life (figure that one out) thus kept it to myself any plans to commit to creating anything short of what was already expected of me.

This is why it’s now March and I’m just unveiling my pictures for January. I thought a retrospective of what I have managed to achieve would buoy me more than starting something and not finishing it. It can’t be said that I don’t know my own personality inside out! 😉

So, verbose waffling and pseudo self diagnostic psychology aside, here is what I got up to in January 2013.

New Years day started a little late. Jas headed to bed about 10. I’d stayed up past midnight watching Last Night of the Proms before going to sit on my front veranda to watch the fireworks from local celebrations (including a neighbours yard… eek). One of the neighbours had U2’s New Years Day playing so that was quite cheerful and apt. Late in the afternoon, adamant that we must do *something* for New Year, we headed to City Beach in Floreat with some salady things and prawns. We had an impromptu picnic before it turned cold and wintery.

I finally caved and bought myself the beautiful dragon dog stamping I’d been eyeing off for months on end. It makes a gorgeous pendant. I think the style is baroque, but I’m not sure.

Poss & Wom’s sale on adorable Moleskeins covered with their special paper prints mean I now have 2 more notebooks to add to my collection of pretty paper things that remain empty as I never have anything significant enough to sully them with.

I passed my 3 month probation at my day job. There was never any doubt I would, but it’s lovely to feel valued and wanted. I seem to have stumbled across the perfect recipe of hours, people, and location.

Jason and I headed to Fremantle to catch up with our friends Charlie and Jay and finally met their beautiful, talented teens. We ate an Indian feast, and were treated to a gorgeous sunset over the local stationery chain store. After dinner we had a twilight stroll down to the Fishing Boat Harbour and marina to scoff icecream and sorbets whilst the menfolk discussed motorbikes they will probably never own.

I made the decision to cut out dairy and eggs from my diet meaning the hunt was on for tasty dark chocolate, raw desserts, and healthier food. I bought a food processor with some Christmas money from my brother and wondered why it’d taken me so long to get one. We spent about a week trying out different fruit sorbets with our new icecream maker before we conceded we weren’t terribly good at it and went back to buying Weiss.

An incredibly long heatwave finally killed all of my pot plants and most of my succulents. It’s incredibly sad as I lost the banksia I bought for my 30th. Once it cools down I will replace them all and it’ll be brighter and better than ever.

Tierney gave us a scare when he got in a huge fight with another cat. He doesn’t usually come off second best (and I’m not convinced he did) so it was a real shock when he couldn’t stand. His face was bitten badly and so was his paw, causing him to limp. Thankfully it only took a shot of antibiotics and a few days fussing to get him back on the mend this time. Oh, he also turned 7 in January so I treated him to a new collar and tag.


I finally met my friend Liz’s daughter, who is gorgeous. Her son is very handsome and cheeky too. We tried out a Maylands cafe called Mrs S that I’d heard a lot about. I’m quite anxious around small children and I don’t like to hold them…but we all survived intact with no screaming. The kids didn’t scream either. 😉

After a lot of bugging, Jas finally got into using Pinterest and has been using it to build his dream car list for if he wins Lotto. Pinterest is awesome on his new computer. The screen is massive and it scrolls sideways!

New glass pieces and bails arrived from my overseas suppliers. Jas started to help me sand and assemble them, though he’s a tad behind me skills wise and takes aaaaggggeeesss. Rest assured though, if you get a piece made by him that it’s fabulous quality. I’ve been using alfoil as reflectors when photographing them as it helps to fill the shadows.

I took a lot of photos of myself with painted nails. A little bit of daily pampering does a lot for a girl’s confidence. 60 second Rimmel polishes at $6 a pop help too. My workmate and I have also gotten addicted to the Sally Hansen nail strips. 🙂 In the pictures above, I was painting my nails red, white, and blue for Australia Day.

I also got into the habit of going outside and blowing bubbles into the evening sky. It’s a nice way to relax and very pretty. Cue a lot of giggling from us both and quoting the fish in Finding Nemo.

I bought myself this awesome Rocky Horror Frankenfurter t-shirt from Red Bubble. I missed another season of it playing at the outdoor cinemas because of the heat and late night screenings.  I love the movie but just really can’t be bothered leaving the house to go out at a time of the day I want to be in my PJs!

I invested in new packaging for my pendants and other jewellery. Instead of organza bags, they now come in crystal clear cello bags with a cute tag and thankyou card. I even gift wrap in gorgeous purple paper. It’s so nice to have things looking professional at last. January was a good month for sales, with buyers taking pieces overseas to gift to family members.

Last but not least, my website finally got an overhaul. As much as I love purple, I just didn’t feel the site set the tone for the sort of photography people now expect from me. I wanted a more romantic feel and to have more control of the colours and fonts. I saved up and bought myself a WordPress upgrade, meaning I could express myself with a pretty new style that fits with my images. Blackcurrant’s come a long way since July 2010!

Well…That’s pretty much it, that was January! Thanks for reading.


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