Want a slice of Blackcurrant pie? Newsletter launching soon!

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that there is a Blackcurrant Photography newsletter underway, with plans to launch in the first week of October.

This is anticipated to coincide with my new spring and summer jewellery, which will be revealed to list members first, giving them access to a private sale ahead of listing in store.

The newsletter will be sent out twice a month and will contain:

  • Product updates from my Etsy and Redbubble shops.
  • Important information about holiday ordering deadlines and delivery.
  • Photography and art tips that I’d like to share.

You will also have the option to subscribe to RSS feed emails from this blog.

Your rewards for subscribing are:

  • When it’s your birthday month, you’ll receive a special Etsy discount code for use in my shop (if you provide that info at signup).
  • You’ll get the first look at some of my new items, and the opportunity to purchase them before they go on sale elsewhere.
  • You’ll occasionally get the option to purchase some of my favourite photographs that aren’t currently available online.

Whilst this newsletter will be a great way for me to share content with you, it is primarily an email service for you! If you have and suggestions or questions for me about my products, or because you’d like some help with your photography, please email me and I’ll do my best to include your request. My email address is

This is a new adventure for me, and like anything, may take a little time to get right, but I hope that with your support it can be something we both enjoy and look forward to.

Thanks so much for your consideration. If you’d like to sign up ready for the initial newsletter, please follow this link.

Subscribe to my newsletter


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