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Jayne – Writing without pay (but only for a little while).

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Jayne, or as most of us call her, Jay. Jay is a talented writer that was one of my first Twitter friends (her Husband and I were members of the same photography forum).

I’ve really got to get a better mobile phone.

We recently took an outing to Fremantle, Western Australia to catch up and try out some yummy Vegan cheesecake from Raw Kitchen. Jay’s Vegan, I’m not, but I was curious to try a cake that had no animal products whatsoever. It was one of the nicest cakes I’ve ever had! Filling, but without that heavy feeling.

After we’d enjoyed our cake, we went for a little walk around Freo. It was raining ever so lightly, which was actually quite refreshing. I’ve been wanting to take some portraits of Jay for a while and she has a funky new hairdo, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity. We just needed a location that didn’t scream “Hey I’m a cliched Fremantle location!”…ruling out that over-used facade on Cliff street.

Jay is an author of YA fiction, so the perfect location would’ve been a book shop. There is one that I’ve longingly looked in every time I’ve passed. But surely they have no time for people getting in the way shooting portraits…
Luckily, I was wrong! Jay had a nice chat with the lovely shop owner, a lady from Switzerland, whilst I snapped away. I was using 3200iso for these as I wanted something gritty that used available light.

I asked Jay to tell me a little about herself and her writing –

“I’m in the middle of editing my contemporary YA novel. I prefer to read and write realistic fiction dealing with teen issues such as eating disorders, depression, self-harm, bullying, relationships with parents and LGBT. It sounds cheery doesn’t it? I promise you they’re not all dark, but contain plenty of humour in the exchanges between characters to give the reader a breather between the heavier subject material, and offer hopeful resolutions to the struggles faced by my protagonists.

I guess I write the stories around topics I wish were more openly discussed during my own teen years.”

Jay is raising two gorgeous teenagers of her own and balances her creative writing with anecdotes about her parenting adventures and family milestones. You can read her blog and examples of her work at her website – “Writing without pay“. She’s great company on Twitter as well.

Be hasty though – It won’t be long before you’ll have to queue around the block to chat to her! 🙂

Love these portraits? I specialise in photoshoots for couples and individuals. You can find out more here.


3 thoughts on “Jayne – Writing without pay (but only for a little while).

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  3. She’s awesome, talented and utterly fab – and hopefully a multi zillionaire published writer soon, I’m sick of the 5:45am mornings and want to retire in luxury :p

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