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Spring – The everlasting chorus (video).

Just a little something I spliced together to brighten your day. Nothing fancy (I sadly don’t have much in the way of editing software), but I hope you enjoy it… despite my unoriginality in the soundtrack! 😉

If you do enjoy it, please share this blog post!

There are also some other videos around the site too that you may enjoy. There’s one on Banksias, some of the South West coast, my 30th birthday, and lots more wildflowers. Explore the site, there’s so much more to it than just flowers!

Love these flowers? Take a look through my shops as you will find my photos of them available as prints, cards, iPhone cases, and glass jewellery.

Posts you may enjoy:

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Nice day for a walk in the park. – Jason and I take a drive to the beach and visit a nearby lookout full of wildflowers.
Jewels in the park. – I showcase some of my glass wildflower jewellery.
Sunset in a flower. – Beautiful Banksias.
2011 wrap. – See some of the broad range of images I shoot. Includes links to some of my fave posts.


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