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Nice day for a walk in the park.

Perth city and Darling scarp.

I really wanted  more exciting title, but that song lyric has been stuck in my head all day. I can’t even remember which ad it’s from. Ipod maybe?

Collectively, Jason and I have been ill for most of the last month. I’ve been ok now for a week or two whereas Jas is only just coming good now after a rotten week. We were starting to get cabin fever and needed to escape…ah who am I kidding, I’ve been holed up inside for over 18 months. I always have cabin fever.

Yesterday was such a gloriously sunny, late winter day. It was about 23-25 degrees. Perfect! I suggested we go out for a drive to the beach and have some fish and chips. That idea seemed to be a winner, so off we went, battling the football crowds along the way.

I decided we’d go to City Beach as its pretty much in a straight line from our place. Just jump on Orrong road, follow the GFF through the tunnel, get off at Loftus street and go straight across. Cambridge street takes you right to the ocean at Floreat. I don’t think we’d ever been there together before… but when I was about 18 I used to sit there at night time with a friend and write really bad poetry by candle light. Back in another lifetime.

Anyway… we wandered into Clancy’s fish pub. They have 3 locations and back in our 2 income days we used to frequent Canning Bridge from time to time to destruct a seafood platter together. Oh those were the days. City Beach has a different vibe. A little strange as though it’s by the beach (so you’d kind of expect pubgrub prices and meals), it’s in a posh suburb so it’s the most expensive of the 3 with the most upmarket food. The staff were lovely, very attentive, and were more than happy to let us order kid’s sized (and priced) meals. Phew.

Afterwards I encouraged Jas to go have look at the nearby lookout at Bold Park (near the Quarry ampitheatre). It was our first visit and unlike Kings Park it’s not really somewhere that appears safe for me to explore alone.

My half hearted attempt at hipster photography. Not my style at all. No filters… just shooting into the sun.

There is a graduated metal walkway that winds up to a gorgeous decking area (perfect spot for a wedding) and along the way you have 360 degree views. It was a crystal clear day so we could see all the way to Fremantle and Point Peron, and all the way north past Scarborough. Views over the CBD and Darling Scarp too, as well as out to the ocean. It was just magic! The only down point was a weird smell…perhaps from a nearby water treatment plant? Luckily the scent of the wattle was almost strong enough to overpower it.

It really was a lovely little spot. I can’t wait to go again with some other photographer friends. Maybe we can go looking for orchids. The ecosystem is quite different to what I’m used to around the hills and plains, as the soil is limestone instead of loam or clay.

Anyway… hope you enjoy the pictures I took. If you click one of the thumbnails a slideshow will pop up.

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