The first snowdrop.

As I was leaving the house this afternoon to complete an errand, I spotted the first snowdrop from the bulbs I planted back in March or April.

© Kell Rowe 2012

I adore these flowers and have been meaning to plant my own for many years, but have had trouble finding the bulbs until now. When I was a kid, Mum had big clumps of these growing in our front yard and I’ve always loved how beautiful and simple they are.

They are officially called Leucojum but I’ve always known them as Snowdrops. They’re also called Snowflakes, and sometimes are referred to as lillies.

© Kell Rowe 2012

My garden is looking a bit worse for wear at the moment. The frangipani tree isn’t quite sure what it should be doing given the weird weather, but has decided it will shed leaves everywhere. We have a rather prolifically fruiting mandarin tree which is dropping fruit all over the place – getting to and from the garage is a bit like a game of Double Dare! Oh and all the herbs have given up, decided it’s too cold and have lost the will to live.

I have these seedlings popping up all over the place. I was hoping they were the everlasting seeds I gathered last year and re planted, though I have a sneaking suspicion they are just weeds.


The only things that seem to be doing ok in the garden right now, are the few pots of alyssum I have around the place, and the tea-cup succulents I made with cuttings from my sister-in-law. Apparently you only need one in-tact tiny piece of a succulent to grow a new plant!


I think this one in the teapot is actually an Australian coastal plant. I’m still waiting for it to flower.

Christine said this one was called ‘Ogre Ears’. I can see why!

How is your garden growing at the moment? Are you looking forward to spring, or anticipating autumn/fall?




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