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Sweet sixteen

Hah! I don’t think sixteen year olds have been ‘sweet’ since bout 1940 (and even then I have my doubts), but I was stuck for a title and it seemed appropriate.

The one with the cheesy grin is my cousin’s eldest girl. She turned 16 on the weekend and was given her first DSLR. She’s the same age now that I was when I started out with my photography. Although she has a long way to go before she has my dress sense.


My cousins don’t live in Perth and haven’t since they were in primary school so they haven’t had a chance to see some of the places that I usually take for granted. I decided we should go to Leederville – full of funky little boutiques and fancy cafes.

We went into the Luna cinema to take these portraits. I’ve wanted to take pictures there for about a decade, ever since an old boyfriend of mine dragged me in there to show me the awesome fireplace in the back bar. I don’t know why I haven’t taken any formal pictures there. I guess I just always assumed I wouldn’t be allowed.

The girls loved the retro decor, and thought the sit down game tables were awesome. I still remember them in the Guildford deli when I was a kid and hopefully one day I’ll get one for myself. 🙂

Enough chattering, here are the pictures I took of our trip to the Luna. Click them for a slideshow. Sorry, I couldn’t work out how to exclude the pic of me.

Highlight of the day was individual artisan cakes from Francois Patisserie. It was a birthday celebration, after all!

After we had cake, we went up to Kings Park, again a place I spend so much time that I sometimes forget just how amazing it appears to people that don’t go there regularly. Lots of oohing and ahhing…and trying to drag me across the glass bridge without having me faint….

It was loads of fun having two enthusiastic beginner photographers to boss around teach. I can’t wait to see their own pictures from the day and help them learn some of what I’ve absorbed over the last 15 years. 🙂

Speaking of birthdays, Blackcurrant Photography turns 2 on Thursday. As a thankyou, for following, you can use the code BIRTHDAY in my Etsy shop until July 20th in order to receive 10% off your purchase. Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “Sweet sixteen

  1. Some great pics Kell. I particularly like the one of the girls back to back in the booths and the close ups of Em with a cheesy grin and Aimee looking out the window. Gosh I make good looking children!! Just as well really considering how many I have :O) Can’t wait to see the ones with Libby in too!! I’d actually love to get a pendant with a photo of them like the one you had on or one in your Etsy shop. I think I remember one with the three girls on the step looking at bubbles – I reckon that would look nice in the black and white or that other one that I can’t remember the name of (makes the picture look older sort of – hey I’m a teacher not a photographer ha ha!!). Well done and I’m glad you had a great day – I know the girls had a ball xo

    • PS the effect I can’t think of the name of is the one you used in the photo with the girls back to back in the booths.

      • Hi Helen. The effect is a dark sepia tone (traditional sepia has no black as it involves a bleaching process).
        Glad you like the photos. I hope to have some to you soon.

        I wouldn’t usually put a portrait onto a pendant as the glass pieces are usually only 1″ in size. I am expecting some larger shapes from America soon and that may be an option. I’ll let you know. =)

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