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If you love it, put a ring ’round it.

The swatch may have said ecru,  jonquil or something else silly to try to throw you off the scent, but If you’re renting a house like we do, there’s a pretty high chance that your walls are painted in a non-offensive, rather bland, and monotonous shade of cream.

In which case, I thought a little colour might be the perfect prescription!

These are all available in my Redbubble gallery and prices start around $160 for a roughly 8×12″  print in a box frame.

If you are limited to removable, adhesive hooks, you may prefer to purchase a lightweight canvas or art board mount instead. There are options in the Redbubble shop, or pop over to my custom order page for more info if you wish to choose an image from my main gallery.

Whilst at the Redbubble shop, why not have a look at the t-shirt designs? If you’re quick, you may be able to get 15% off with the code TEE15. Their offer ends at 9pm (ish).

Apologies for the earworm.


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