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Something for Kate – Autumn light portraits

At the end of April I was very fortunate to have my friend Kate assist me with a style shoot for marketing my wildflower photo jewellery.

I took lots of close ups that could be used in the jewellery listings on Etsy and for targeting blogs, but with the light as beautiful as it was – diffused cloud cover which later turned to golden rays – I just had to snap some portraits of her as well.

© Kell Rowe 2012

© Kell Rowe 2012

Doesn’t she just radiate with gorgeousness?!

I met Kate on Twitter early last year thanks to her volunteer work with the Cat Haven. She  works as a sub editor and journalist, and blogs over at ‘Skinny cap with two sugars’. I think she’ll be doing a bit more modeling for me after this too!

Here are some of the items Kate posed with for me:

Set features a frameable card & fine art photo jewellery (brooch & necklace).
Australian native flowers: Blue sun orchid (pendant and card), Geraldton Wax (brooch).

Handmade heart shaped glass photo pendant 3cm x 3cm . Features Australian Geraldton Wax flowers.

Pretty handmade photo pendant featuring a metallic photograph of a deep red dahlia flower.

To purchase one of these pieces of handmade Western Australian flower jewellery, or to see what else is available, please visit Blackcurrant Shop at

If you would like to book your own portraiture shoot or to find out more about them, please visit the portraiture page here.

Thanks for reading! Please share this with your friends so they can enjoy it too.
Kell 🙂


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