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Not so instant instagrams.

I’m not exactly what you’d call a purist, after all, I use a digital camera almost daily and these days only use film when I’m feeling nostalgic, want a particular effect, or to remind myself that  I can actually pick an exposure that works without needing to check the screen.

It wasn’t just not having an iPhone, I just couldn’t get into the idea of all these amazing pieces of technology taking ‘retro’ style photos with light leaks, vignetting etc. I didn’t like Hipstamatic and it was only when Instagram became available for the Android platform that I started to consider it. Unfortunately the company got taken over by Facebook before I made up my mind and that put me off even more than the terms of the app did before!

Anyway… don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind the odd retro style photo with it’s lovely rusty tones and vignetting. Some people do it quite well and I find myslf drooling over some of the photos. They usually involve VW microbuses (Kombis) for which I have a huge soft spot for as I grew up with one from the age of 4 and later learnt to drive it (much, much later).

Retro love

Retro Love by Mickiky on Flickr. Saw this on Pinterest. Took quite a while to track the photographer down but image search prevailed!

I just don’t see to be able to get the knack of it though. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Not my style. I have got a style it would seem, as someone commented the other day on how my black and white images were so different and dark compared to my usual style. Odd isn’t it, because having started my photography career back in 1997 with black and white film, I was always into dark and forboding images. And rather obsessed with vampires too.

Recently I went digging through a huge box of family photos. My Mum entrusted them to me as it would seemthat my elephant-like long term memory makes me the most suitable family historian. I went through all the packets and loose photos and have labelled everything.  So now if anything happens to me, people aren’t left wondering who, when and what all these pictures are about.

In the box were some medium format 120 negatives. Most of the pictures I’d seem before because they are in my baby album, but there were also some damaged negatives and some that might not have warranted printing back in the day.  Or they were printed and sent away, I don’t know. But I had the opportunity to get them scanned and thought it’d be a good idea as negs often reproduce better than prints.

I’m not sure what kind of camera they were taken with but I remember Dad had some kind of box camera when I was really little. I’m not sure it was a Rolleiflex but it was a similar shape.


Rolleiflex* by Momota.M on Flickr. Found via Pinterest.

So these would have been taken by Dad using that camera. Judging by my age and other pictures on the negative strips, I’d say these were taken between 1981 and 1984.

I haven’t altered them beyond any enhancements the scanning machine may have applied.

South Perth showing Canning River & what's now Kwinana fwy.

Perth skyline from Kings Park. Early 1980s.

The dragonfly tree.

This picture above really interested me as it’s of one of my favourite spots in the park! There are often dragonflies buzzing round this tree and as an adult I’ve become quite fond of it (coz as you know, I love my dragonflies!). It’s right by the war memorial.

Me aged ~2

I thought I’d throw in this picture too as it’s one of my favourite pictures of me from my baby album. This is from the negative though and I think the colour is  little off. The print in my book shows the curtains as this beautiful shimmering peach colour. Just gorgeous.

Hope you enjoyed those =) Now it’s back to my big bold colours.


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