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An artist’s garden

Regular readers would know that I’ve spent the last 9-12mths steadily decorating my backyard to make it a nicer place to spend time. I do have some limitations, being in a rental, but for the most part, our landlords are happy for us to do so – and why not, we’ve been here for 6 and a half years!

My reason for decorating the garden came mainly from a lack of money to go out. I wanted to make our space at home somewhere we could relax and entertain. I wanted lots of colour and quirkiness so I took inspiration from random objects and the bizarre world of Alice in Wonderland.

I asked for donations of old photo frames, and for empty glass bottles. Anything I could find to add colour and whimsy. A friend who works in a kitchenware shop gave me imperfect cups and teapots. I added some of my own special things like broken plates from my first dinner set and windchimes I’ve received as presents and mixed it all up with found and repurposed objects from op shops and charity stores.

The garden still has a long way to go, but I hope you enjoy looking around. And if you have anything to donate that you think may fit, let me know. I’d love an old pushbike!

Kell =)

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