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Film and filter fun

I recently processed a roll of expired Fuji Realia colour negative film which I started using in November 2011 with my Nikon F90x camera and 50mm f1.8 lens. 

It’d been quite a while since I shot any film so I was looking forward to seeing the pictures, and testing my exposure skills.

You know how it is, you can get a litle lazy sometimes with digital photography.  Sometimes it’s fun to go back to the blind faith of film! Remembering to use your light meter, try to avoid colour casts etc.

©2012 Kell Rowe

Fuji Realia 100iso

The pictures of native hibiscus here, have simply been processed by Fuji c41 then scanned as jpgs (I know, TIFs would’ve been better but I was restricted by the Fuji  machine’s settings ho-hum). Unfortunately, I think it’s over-sharpened a little, but I’m loving the nice true to life colours.

©2012 Kell Rowe

Native hibiscus

I quite like the ‘straight out of camera shots’, but I thought I’d also have a little play with some of the development settings in Lightroom.

©2012 Kell Rowe


©2012 Kell Rowe


©2012 Kell Rowe


I think my favourite is #2 which has a blue/yellow processing. Which do you like best? Have you been out shooting film lately too? Tell me about it in the comments.

Kell =)
©2012 Kell Rowe
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