Snapshot of my life – 1992

Twenty years has gone so fast…

There was a bit of a convoluted journey to this blog post. I just seen the Muppets. Then I got pondering whether Jason Segal was this generation’s Jim Carrey*. So I got thinking about Jim Carrey (mmm) and started dwelling on the thought he’s 50ish now. Sheez… anyway, there’s a picture of Jim inside my electronic organiser that I got for my 14th birthday in 1995.

I went off to find my organiser and had a headful of blogging 1995 relics such as my Bonjovi video, cool stampy textas an other things that a 2012 version of a 14yo would probably laugh at it.

Well, I couldn’t find it straight away, but I did find 1992 stuff. That’s 20yrs ago, seems apt for a ‘vintage’ *sob* rewind, so let’s have a look eh?

© Kell Rowe 2012

From left to right (roughly):

Australian Airlines story/activity book
Australian Airlines  fight schedule. Dunno why I have this, we were only there for 1/2hr.
Two up game from The Bounty replica ship.
Puggle toy.
Rocks activity passport.
Plaster dinosaur painted at a high school open day.
Cross-stitch trains.
Red pop ball.
“Little Hugs” sticker box.
90210 stickers, cards & eraser.
Rottnest Island patch (actually think this was 93)
Australian banknote keyring.
Telecom phonecards.

Style - I had none. Replica ship steering skills - Ditto.

One of the best nights out ever. My sister will probably kill me for this... assuming she ever reads my blog.

In 1992 I was 10 turning 11. That was year 6 back then, 2 years off starting high school. I was always creative but 1992 was when I really started sharing that with people. I started my own school magazine, the Kreative Kids Klub…. I know, I know… why nobody told us to change the name is beyond me. More about that here.

I was completely obsessed with boys, especially a tall exceptionally smart one (nothing’s changed there), I read an awful lot of Babysitter’s Club books, got really stuck into Home and Away (still a guilty pleasure),  started to be called Kell…

*cutaway* There were 2-3 Kellys in my class and I much preferred Kell to being Kelly S. So for all I know, it was my teachers that first decided I was Kell. Now I barely answer to Kelly at all!

Oh and the best bit – we went to Sydney for the very first time. It was so magical. The excitement of getting off the train at Circular Quay for the first time and seeing the Opera House. I’ll never forget that. So many memories (like seeing my first streetwalker and drag queens late at night on the streets of Kings Cross!) and the start of some new obsessions (not at all related to the streetwalkers). Our trip to Sydney started my pin collection which I treasure.

The other thing I’ll never forget is our trip to the Hard Rock Cafe. Dad had told us he’d asked the taxi driver to take us for a tour before dinner. We waited and waited watching all these taxis drive down Ward ave. Then this limo rocked up and it was for us! It was so awesome. I’ve never really been impressed by limos since then and didn’t even bother with one for my school dance coz really nothing will beat my first limo ride.

Anyway, back to the relics:

© Kell Rowe 2012

Two-Up souvenir game from The Bounty. One of the coins is a 1962 penny, other 1960.

The Bounty is a replica of a tall ship that came out with the first fleet in 1788. I first saw it in Fremantle for the 1988 bicentennial. We went for a sail on it on Sydney Harbour in 1992. My brother and sister managed to smash it into something whilst ‘parking’ it. I last saw it at Darling Harbour in Sydney in 2007.

For those that don’t know, two-up is a heads or tails gambling game. I think it’s illegal to play except in casinos and on Australia Day… but I might be wrong.

© Kell Rowe 2012

Australian Airlines activity book

We flew Australian to Sydney. They gave us cool little kids packs and a little flying wings pin that I still have. I don’t think I was quite as terrified of flying back then. Maybe I blocked it out.

© Kell Rowe 2012

Kangaroo Creek Gang savings account

I wasn’t very good at saving money. Might explain why most of this deposit slip book is intact.

© Kell Rowe 2012

Slinky and pop ball

Pop balls were popular with the boys at school. You turn them inside out, hide them, wait for them to turn back the right way. When they did that they’d emit a huge crack and scare the crap out of everyone. Good times.

© Kell Rowe 2012

90210 collectibles

Stickers and collector cards from 90210 tv show. Obviously Dylan (Luke Perry) was my favourite. I liked most of the characters except Donna, but Kelly was probably my favourite girl because we had the same name.

© Kell Rowe 2012


We didn’t have mobile phones in 1992, so you had to memorise phone numbers and if you were out you used payphones which took cash or these cards. We always used to check the phone booths at the train/bus interchange in Midland to see if we could find ones people forgot about.

© Kell Rowe 2012

Rocks passport

© Kell Rowe 2012

When we visited The Rocks in Sydney we were given these visitor passports to get stamped off. When you reached a certain amount you got an iron on badge and a sticker. I remember the hologram shop because they were pretty new and cool. There was also a puppet show somewhere of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff but the goat puppets were drills.

© Kell Rowe 2012

Aussie banknote keyring

Before we got our first plastic $5 note in 1992, we had paper money. This keyring depicts the banknotes.

© Kell Rowe 2012

Puggle from The Lost Forest

Very popular amongst my friends. The Lost Forest was a magical shop that sold mystical Australian animal stuffed toys. My Puggle (Edward Puggsley Puggle-Smith) cost me ~$30 and I had to save up for 7-8 weeks to get him. Puggles went through an adoption ceremony and slid down a slide where you caught them after vowing to look after them etc. You were supposed to remove the nappy after a month but I never did. I always wanted a pink or purple one but I think it was random selection. I don’t mind now, he’s still cute.

I tracked down the shop and contacted the owner. They still sell online, yay!

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. I sure did! =)

* I’m dubious at this point. We need to see some more serious roles. Besides, it’s Jim Carrey. can there be another one?


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