I dream of icebergs

No, really, I do! It’s not just me complaining about the weather.

It’s happened a couple of times now. I’ve dreamt I’m on a boat… which is odd as in real life I’m not too fond of boats. They make me sick, and I can’t swim. I’m sure I love the idea of boats, just not the reality.

Anyway, I’ve dreamt I’m on a boat. I think it’s supposed to be off the coast of Western Australia. We go really far, far out to sea. I think past an island and then we are in this glorious channel of islands.

Only the islands are all made of these stunning, twisting, colourful icebergs and natural ice sculptures. It’s quite extraordinary.

But the version of me in the dream can never find them again. Not in a map, not by sailing out to find them again. I found them quite by accident, and it would seem that finding them again and the feeling I had whilst being there, only comes to me in another ย dream.

I experience deja vu often (it’s freaked me out sometimes, especially when I know I haven’t been somewhere in waking life), and I dream very vividly. I have no idea where the icebergs came from though. I must have seen part of ย a documentary recently or something.

I know people have recurring scary dreams, but have you had recurring happy dreams of beautiful places? Have you tried to find them in real life?




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