A little light reading.

I don’t often make New Year resolutions because I make it a habit not to make promises I may not be able to keep. This one was important though. A lifelong bookworm, I was finding that I was spending a bit too much time in front of a screen & not enough curled up with a good story.

With this in mind, I vowed to read a book a month in 2012.

So far this month I’ve read “The Red Queen” by Philippa Gregory which is a historical fiction novel about the mother of Henry VI and I’m 3/4 through a book by Ellen DeGeneres which is laugh out loud funny. She’s so silly!

I’m fresh back from the library with a new stack of books. Really looking forward to the one on The Louvre. It weighs a ton though so won’t be good for reading in bed sadly.

What are you reading at the moment?


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3 thoughts on “A little light reading.

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  2. One of your must reads for the year has to be Fall Of Giants by Ken Follett (also wrote The Pillars of The Earth and World Without End also amazing books) it’s an incredible work in historical fiction that follows the beginning of WWI it’s almost 1000 pages long but it;s super worth it!!

    • Hi Josh, thanks for commenting =)
      I’ll have a look into it. At the moment I’m more into the medieval times and the history of the kings and queens of England. I love all the mystery and getting lost in a world so very different to what we know now.

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