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Summer portrait session – Jo & Nova

© Kell Rowe 2011

Nova & Jo with their seriously cool umbrella.

I wasn’t even sure this photoshoot was going to happen.

I’d looked at the long term forecast about 2 weeks before. 30c+ days and then an oasis of cool in the middle of the week. 25c and raining sounded perfect. I started researching trash-the-dress ideas, fixated on beautiful umbrella photos with pouring rain, dark and forboding skies, gothic charm and re-enacting The Notebook.

Then came the electrical storm the day before.

All day lightning, intermittent pouring rain. The airport was shut down for something like 9hrs with thousands of people stuck milling around the airport, more than 10 planes on the tarmac with no way of unloading due to the danger of lightning. Some of those poor people sat on the tarmac for 7+ hours with nothing more than a can of Coke and whatever snacks the airline/s must have had left.

Jo & Nova were flying back from birthday celebrations in Melbourne. Stuck on the tarmac for over 2hrs after what I can only assume was a horribly bumpy flight they faced a long wait for a taxi after they did get off the plane. It’s times like this I’m glad I live near the airport because I was able to go pick them up. By this point I was just glad they were home in one piece and was fully expecting to postpone the photoshoot.

But they’re made of stronger stuff than I am because where I would’ve happily stayed in bed and had a pyjama day after such a rotten experience, they were dressed to the nines and at my house before 8am, ready to hit the road in peak hour and drive to our location (this seriously sounded like a better idea on paper).

It didn’t rain.

I couldn’t believe it! It’s not the first time I’ve organised a rainy day photoshoot (often in the middle of winter) and every time it’s failed to do so. Mother Nature has a twisted sense of humour! We were treated to flies, humidity and large ants finding innovative ways to get into Jo’s dress but no rain, no pretty diffused light and no dramatic clouds. Give me strength.

I might not have had rain, but I did have a beautiful location in the hills, complete with amazingly angular and textured rocks (ok cliffs almost) to work with. I had Australian gums, red gravel, and scrub to add colour, a gigantic rainbow parasol and two absolutely adorable brides clearly besotted with each other.

Thus I present to you, some early anniversary portraits of Jo & Nova (their 3rd wedding anniversary will be in February).

Enjoy! I think we all did a fantastic job all things considered!

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