Keeping the faith – remembering childhood.

Driving to my weekend job in Subiaco this morning, I was listening to my Bonjovi Crossroads cd (that’s one of those shiny things that looks like a dvd but doesn’t play movies).

The song ‘Keep the Faith’ and well, Bonjovi in general, always reminds me of Saturday mornings growing up. My brother had guitar lessons in Subiaco (clear across town from where we lived), so Saturdays meant the whole family piling into the Kombi. Whilst he had his lessons, the rest of us would hang around out the back for what seemed like forever, waiting for him. We’d buy crisps and Bundaberg ginger beer from the liquor store and find ways to pass the time in those days before the internet, mobile phones and (in the case of our very old Kombi) in car musical entertainment. We didn’t even have a radio in there!

Dad would sometimes take a portable radio and bore us all senseless listening to radio serials. I’d fossick around in the car park looking for slide mounts and other interesting things that Churchills lab threw out (and this was YEARS before I had a serious photography habit).

After we’d done our pennance in the parking lot we’d all go to the (now closed) pavillion markets to spend all our pocket money, have lunch and listen to the live music (more often than not someone murdering Dire Straits). I loved the markets and to this day could draw you a map of where the vast majority of the shops were. I was obsessed with the stationery shop, buying stickers and pretty papers, and my siblings and I would have to be dragged out of the circus shop every week without fail.

God those days were great. Well, besides the 30c+ weather in a non-airconditioned, music free Kombi….

Anyway, back to Bonjovi. Before we’d leave home on a Saturday morning, there was an unofficial ritual. My brother would put on some music in the lounge room. Sometimes Paul Kelly, Dire Straits, Blondie or Bryan Adams but usually it was Bonjovi. That was my favourite of the lot. He had a special gold signature cd from their Australian tour and was very particular about it. Nobody except him was allowed to touch the hallowed cd. Ever.

I wonder if he still has it?

Your turn – What song always gets you thinking of holidays and weekends growing up?


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