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“Spring Dance” an update on my work.

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give you all a little update about the exhibition I was recently involved with.

I’ve had my photography exhibited several times over the years, mainly at local agricultural shows where I’ve won several certificates for first, second and (less often) third in my sections, as well as a trophy back in 1997 for the most successful junior photographer at the Swan View show. My photos have been shown at the Perth Royal Show and won an award at the Darlington Arts Festival. Last year some were shown at the Mt Barker Wildflower Show. A lot of these events seem a long time ago and were mainly for portraiture.

In October, one of my photographs was selected for exhibition as part of the South Perth Emerging Artist Awards.

This was really exciting for me (beyond the obvious “OMG I got selected” side to it) because not only was it the first time I’d submitted any work for competition since I’d completed my Diploma, it was the first time I’d tried to exhibit any of my artistic nature photography. It was also a test of sorts to see if the work I know my Blackcurrant Photography fans love, would stand up against other fine art pieces and be seen by people that may not have visited my website. Unlike some of the shows I was part of, I was also able to put my name and signature to my work (something you’re not usually able to do for competitions due to judgeing). So, anyone that liked it, could go and look me up online if they wanted to.

It was a little intimidating seeing it up there, professionally hung on a gallery wall next to some amazing artwork. There was this oil painting nearby of a wave and it just blew me away. It shone… and the fact that someone had sat down and painted that… created it out of nowhere…!

Anyway, I may not have won any awards, but I did sell my work for more than I’ve ever sold a piece of my photography for before so wow. That was certainly a boost! The little bit of money I made after expenses will be going back into supplies and other business purchases (some advertising might be an idea!).

I wouldn’t have been able to take part in the exhibition without the support of you all and donations from some of my wonderful Twitter family, so once again I thank you for your help, it was much appreciated.

© Kell Rowe 2011

If you would like to purchase your own copy of “Spring Dance”, it is available made to order for the following prices (plus postage based on your location) with payment made by Paypal invoice. Please contact me via to arrange purchase.

This image is not publicly available via Redbubble for purchase as cards or framed prints, however you are welcome to contact me to discuss options if you’d like some.

6×4″ Freestanding Iceblock
AU $140.00 + shipping or 3 for AU $350.00

6×4″ Gloss or Lustre print in an 8×10″ white foam backed mat.
AU $35.00 + shipping

6×4″ Metallic print in an 8×10″ white foam backed mat.
AU $40.00 + shipping

5×7.5″ Gloss or Lustre print in an 8×10″ white foam backed mat.
AU $40.00 + shipping

5×7.5″ Metallic print in an 8×10″ white foam backed mat.
AU $50.00 + shipping

8×12″ Print facemounted onto acrylic (Gloss or Metallic).
AU $245.00 + shipping

8×12″ Freestanding Iceblock
AU $300.00 + shipping

Matted Giclee prints on fine art paper such as Canson Arches using Epson Ultrachrome inks start at AU $140.00


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