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30 day photography challenge. Day 11 – Black and white.

My friend Jesse dropped by the morning to deliver some more bottles for my garden bed edging. Jesse drinks a lot of wine under the ruse of writing a review blog 😉 (I’m teasing!!!) and well, they were only going to end up in the recycling bin otherwise.

Today’s photo prompt asked for a black and white photo. I wasn’t game to spring a portraiture request on him, so I sprayed the bottles with a hose to give them a nice fresh look (in doing so I’ve probably horrified anyone who knows red wine isn’t usually supposed to be served cold… but whatever) and took some pictures.

I’m pretty happy with the processing. This is me playing around with various split toning and vignetting settings in Lightroom as opposed to me pressing a filter button in Lightroom.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have some really good news in relation to my Redbubble store. Redbubble work as an agent for me and will ship a select range of portfolio worldwide. this includes photo clothing, prints, canvases and gatorboard pictures. Whilst I love to know who my clients are I’m aware some may like to stay anonymous or not reveal their address to me. This lets you do that.

The good news is Redbubble have finally addressed a problem they had with pricing. In the past if I wanted to offer prints I would have to set a flat markup on everything. Usually quite high to ensure I got enough profit for the cheapest items (the downside to RB is I don’t get paid unless my profit goes over $30 a month). Now it allows me to set an individual markup for my prints. This means that not only have some items come considerably down in price, but I can now offer more items that I wasn’t comfortable with before.

Another cool addition is iPhone cases. They haven’t yet released these for photos (only graphics) but it’s an exciting though for the future. It’d be more exciting if I actually had an iPhone but I won’t split hairs. 😉


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