30 day photography challenge. Day 9 – From a distance.

Yesterday was a special day as I spent it with my friend Chloe, celebrating her 20th birthday. I treated her to Betty Crocker Strawberry Cream cupcakes (which I filled with caramel top n fill) and we watched “Josie and the Pussycats” (one of our fave movies) before heading out for Grill’d burgers in Mt Lawley and then a wander around Kings Park with some passionfruit sorbet. It was just what I needed and hopefully she had an awesome day too. =)

After spending the whole day out, I remembered around 4.30pm that I still had to take my challenge photo!

I live very near the airport and over the course of my life, both from growing up under the flight path in Midland, and now living rather close to the end of a runway, I’ve become accustomed to planes coming and going. The noise doesn’t bother me that much (I have been known to cry “go plane, go” when hearing a jumbo taking off!) and I love watching the huge planes looming over the highway as they come in to land. It always makes my car passengers jump as we drive up my street!

I took a photo on Saturday of a QANTAS plane taking off as I was outside anyway and thought it might be interesting (it wasn’t really).

© Kell Rowe 2011 Blackcurrant Photography

Yesterday’s photo challenge prompt asked for something from a distance. Easy! I’ll just take a better photo of a plane taking off. After all, on some days there’s one roughly every 2 minutes.

So I checked the Perth airport arrivals and departures to see when they were imminent, grabbed Jas and went down to the park near my house from where I could see the control tower. How have I never noticed that before?! I evidently don’t spend as much time in the park as I should.

So we waited, and waited, getting eyed off suspiciously by people walking their dogs.


We are at the end of a runway and we do get a lot of air traffic, but my plane nerd husband (he studied aeronautics at Melville high)  pointed out that planes don’t just take off in one direction and land in another, it’s all to do with the wind and stuff.  Looks like they all decided to use the Guildford end of the runway yesterday instead. Damn.

So I had to be content with taking photos of the tower, my shadow and the full moon instead.

© Kell Rowe 2011 Blackcurrant Photography

I saw a purple plane on Saturday too. That was really cool. I think it must’ve been a Thai airways one.

Kell =)


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