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Blackcurrant gift guide

Christmas? Already? I know it’s early but I’m hearing reports of scarily organised people who are looking already… or worse…. Done. In October!

Fear not, those of you still looking for thoughtful, handmade and lasting gifts. Blackcurrant Photography to the rescue! In addition to portraiture sittings for those of you here in Perth (get in before it’s too hot), I have a great range of products available both in stock and made to order. You might have noticed I have a few venues you can buy my work from, so I’ll take you through a few of the best items and what each venue offers.


This design is now discontinued but you can get still the print sans writing.

All of my clothing designs are available via Redbubble. Most feature wildflowers but there’s also some street style designs such as Doc Martens and (for the Powderfinger fans) some music references. Clothing comes in a variety of sizes, styles and colours such as hoodies, long or short sleeves, round or v neck and is also available as t-shirts and onesies for kids.  All of the designs are printed into high quality American Apparel cotton clothing and presents as boutique quality.

Anna kindly sent this picture of her hoodie purchase.

You can get a better idea of the shirt fit etc from the American Apparel site. I’ve done my best to match this info to the RB site:
LS onesie
SS onesie 
LS t-shirt
V neck Girly T

Me with one of my orchid shirts & a selection of cards.


Stationery is an area I’ve really been focusing on a lot lately. I much prefer to receive a card or note than a message on Facebook and with that in mind I have created several options for those that prefer the old fashioned and heartfelt way of communicating.


From my Etsy store.

Pink wildflowers.

My cards are professionally printed matte images on thick, sturdy card. They’re created for me by Redbubble. The best thing about these ‘keepsake’ cards is that they are of such a great quality your recipient can frame them afterwards! Yep, these are available in 3 sizes, the most popular being the 6×4″ ones. The price of these reflects the high quality and dual use.

There are 2 options for purchasing cards – you can either buy from those in stock at Etsy. These ship directly from me and you will find some exclusive designs here. Or you can buy from Redbubble where discounts apply for buying in bulk.


These are professionally printed by Moo and are great for keeping in your bag or desk for those moments a quick memo’s needed. They also make a MUCH better impression than a soggy coaster (remember, it’s nearly racing/Christmas party season!). Matte laminate, these are best written on with a finepoint Sharpie, although biro works fine too. Available in themed sets they work out at a little over $1.50 each. Available now from Etsy.


Don’t just seal that card with a kiss, stick on one of these great glossy photo stickers! Available now from Etsy.

Glossy photo seals are a great idea for an Aussie wedding.

Professionally printed by Moo

Journals and notebooks

© Kell Rowe

I love my black and white photography and wanted it to inspire others. I’ve created two very useful creativity books over at Blurb. The notebook is printed on creamy paper (like your favourite novel) perfect for poetry, notes and musings. Also available is a carefully constructed creativity journal with a careful selection of both blank and lined pages in pastel blue and white. The creativity journal was created with photographers in mind as it’s perfect for use as a visual diary. Order yours now from Blurb.


My photo jewellery is completely handassembled and finished by me. I was going to say handmade but I can’t take credit for firing the glass or making the bails 😉 My fine art nature photographs are professionally printed onto either gloss or metallic photo paper and then sealed to the back of high quality glass. I then hand file all the edges and apply jewellery fixtures.

Where possible I use hypo-allergenic metals, however if you are allergic to nickel or some other metals, it may be best you contact me for a custom item made with plastic or fine silver/gold instead. Being handmade, no two items are ever 100% identical, though I offer similar designs. These are a perfect Western Australian souvenir that’s actually made in Australia! Please visit Etsy or email me in regards to custom items (subject to material availability).

Work in progress.


Iceblocks are 30mm thick acrylic blocks with an image sealed to the back. They’re available in both gloss and metallic papers. Generally I prefer gloss for black and white images and metallic for colour nature images. They’re basically a much larger version of the jewellery tiles above – in fact that’s where I got the idea from for the jewellery! Available from $140 for a 6×4 block. These are perfect for those with a small amount of hanging space or to brighten up a desk.
For more info, please click the Blackcurrant logo at the top of my site which will give you sizes and prices. 

Image used with permission from my lab.


Sometimes nothing beats a good old fashioned print for your wall or desk. A professionally printed and presented print can last years and is a perfect gift for brightening up your space or for sending as a gift. Matted prints ship out fairly flat so they’re fantastic for sending overseas.

There are three ways you can buy prints from me, either directly from me with payment via Paypal or bank deposit (I send you an invoice), via Etsy or via Redbubble. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

Print and Mat

Once you select an image from my folio, your photograph will be fine tuned by me and sent off to my lab for professional printing on Kodak paper (or your choice of fine art paper if you wish for a Giclee print). It’s then matted using acid free materials. I sign the mat and it’s slipped into a crystal clear sleeve, ready for you to give as a gift or take home and frame.

Matted prints can be purchased via my Etsy store, or via custom order directly from me.

© Kell Rowe 2011

~0.5cm thick white foam backed mat with lustre photograph.

Fine art metallic print with logo.

Loose prints

You can often pick up loose prints for sale in my Etsy shop. These are usually already in stock and are offered a little cheaper than print to order items. Via Etsy I offer gorgeous 5×5″ square prints made to order. If you scout around Etsy you can often find matching frames or mats to suit. Alternatively I can have a mat custom cut for you.

© Kell Rowe 2011© Kell Rowe 2011


There are two ways to purchase canvas prints from me and they vary dramatically in quality, range and price.

Via Redbubble I have a small range of prints available printed on canvas sized 203mm x 305mm. Generally these are priced around $115 plus postage. Shipping is worldwide and the whole purchase is handled via Redbubble. Details about their canvas quality is here.
I believe their quality is very good, else I wouldn’t choose to offer their service.

I do offer a custom printing option for giclee canvas prints in other sizes (and in square). These are printed here in Perth by a professional photographic lab. I proof all the images (on both photo paper and unstretched canvas) before your final piece is sent for printing, stretching and UV coating. It’s presented ready to hang, with or without a profile frame, to museum quality.

Prices are on application as shipping will be dependent on where you are located. Pricing indications are available here and include my canvas collections. Canvas collections make a big impact – in your hallway, bedroom or perhaps even your boardroom?

© Kell Rowe

Mounted prints

Not everyone lives in a home where they can easily hand heavy picture frames. If like us, you live in a rental, or if you wish to send a gift interstate or overseas, a mounted print may be the right option for you.

Redbubble have a small selection of my folio available as highly glossy Kodak Endura prints mounted onto 15mm thick high density foam, known as gatorboard. The result is similar to blockmounting but without the weight. Great for those little adhesive hooks! Details are here. These prints are available with or without my details and the image name with your choice of a black border, white border or (if choosing no details) no border… though c’mon, you really want to tell everyone I took the photo don’t you? Thought so! 😉

There are more options for lightweight mounted prints (and even aluminium prints) available via custom order directly from me. Please contact me for further details or complete the quote request.

So there’s a little introduction to the many creative photographic items and uniquely Australian souvenirs available to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email (info @ blackcurrantphotography . com . au) and we can chat about your requirements. Don’t leave it too long either, Christmas orders need to finalised around the end of November to ensure delivery in time.

Thanks for reading and please share this link!

Kell =)


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