30 day photography challenge. Day 4 – Up high.

Today was a bit of a blessing really. If my challenge hadn’t asked for a high angle, I’d never have gone up the hill to one of the old make out spots and I wouldn’t have found blue orchids and orange triggerplants growing wild!

Those are for another post as today’s topic was ‘a photo from a high angle’. I’m terribly bothered by heights so me looking down on something from high up wasn’t an option, so instead I chose to head up into the hills of the Darling Scarp – Lesmurdie to be exact – and photograph the view from up high.

Typically, the sun and blue sky came out the moment I got home. Oh well! I’m fairly happy with these all the same. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In case you missed my tweets over the weekend, I have just launched my new notecards. These are 16pt thick matte laminate cards, professionally printed by Moo. One side features one of my fine art photographs and the reverse has a white area for your note as well as my url. They come in packs of 5-9 depending on the theme and are available now from


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