30 day photography challenge. Day 2 – Clothing

I’m a Docs girl, plain and simple. I’ve never had the longing or need to drag myself from shoe shop to shoe shop and I wouldn’t have the slightest appreciation for Jimmy Choos ($500 on heels? I’d rather go on holiday!). No, I’m about comfort and value for money.

© Kell Rowe 2011

Ok, I have spent some time longing for the ability to wear super cool chunky platforms but I’ve tried and my horror story toes let me know pretty quickly that it was not an option.

So Docs it is and Docs it stays. I even wore Docs on my wedding day (albeit a very nice dressy pair of Mary Janes as my something blue).

My first pair were purple and were a treat from my parents when I was in year 12. I practically lived in them. They were the old school variety, actually made in the UK and built to last. I still have them but I don’t wear them so much any more.

My current pair  were bought in 2007 and whilst they’re of significantly inferior quality to the good old Docs of old, they’ve still lasted much longer than any other pair of shoes I’ve bought. We’ve travelled together. These shoes have been places. From underneath my wedding dress at our reception picnic to traipsing the streets of Melbourne. From dressy occasions and work shoes to tights and skirts.

These are my boots and they sum me up. Comfortable, multitalented and dependable. Bearing the scars of life but pushing through to see what tomorrow brings.

This is day 2 of my 30 day photography challenge: What I wore.

© Kell Rowe 2011


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