30 Day Photography Challenge – Day 1: Yourself

So, it’s the first of October.

That knowledge isn’t sitting too well with me. It feels like I’ve achieved nothing so far this year, which really, looking back through this website etc is complete crap because I’ve been working hard at building a brand and meeting new people and getting better… all that sort of stuff. Though in the sense of making money or any of the resolutions for this year, I am a long way off where I thought I would be by now.

It’s been a learning curve and journey of discovery, that’s for sure. One thing I’ve learnt is that I seem to work best with deadlines, a little structure and a small dollop of stress. I nearly went mad last year with my assignments, yet with all the time in the world I tend to float and flitter.

With that in mind I thought I’d give one of these photography challenges a go. It’s only for a month and will encourage me to shoot something other than flowers.

Unfortunately, the first two assignments involve taking photos of myself. When you’re not feeling too happy with yourself, it can be difficult to want to look at a photo etc, let alone share it. Still, I set myself the challenge, so here we go.

Added contrast and flattering black and white tones aside (though it did look brighter in Photoshop), I was pleased with the lighting. I seem to have really gotten the hang of using my built in and external flash units as portable studio lighting. Very handy! Now if only I could get the tripod fixed and didn’t have to rely on a book on top of the ironing table!

Anyway, day one – A photo of yourself.

The full challenge is here

© Kell Rowe 2011

Me wearing the earrings my sister gave me for my birthday.

© Kell Rowe 2011

© Kell Rowe 2011





2 thoughts on “30 Day Photography Challenge – Day 1: Yourself

  1. Love the cropping on the first photo, and those glasses really suit your face. Good luck with the rest of your challenge!

    (Found this post through wordpress’ tag surfer.)

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 I love these glasses too. They’re DKNY and I got 2 pairs of the frames really cheap because they were discontinued. It’s so hard to get frames that aren’t rectangular these days!

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