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A quiet walk through the bush

Even though I grew up in semi rural suburbia, not in the bush, there is something that makes me feel at home and relaxed when surrounded by Aussie bush and scrub. The unique smells and textures fascinate me. Perhaps the yearning to spend time amongst the trees is something we’re born with in Australia, regardless of background. We all just seem to chill a little more when we’re connecting with it.

On Tuesday after having a great coffee and a chat at Cantina with my old work friend Vince (he’s learning to use my old camera) I went for a little bushwalk.  I took myself away from the touristy crowds converging on the spring wildflower displays and went into a quiet spot where I could still hear a faint hum of traffic (and I was safe) but there was nobody else save for me, the birds and the insects. I had several dragonflies keeping me company as they like to do. It was beautiful and serene and the air was filled with the scent of wild fresias.

I have a wonderful group of female friends that I wouldn’t swap for anything. Most of the attraction for me is their no nonsense straight talking. Growing up it was hard to find no nonsense, sport hating non girly- girls like myself, which is one of the reasons a big chunk of my friends growing up were guys and always will be. As great as it is to curl up with some tissues and a bowl of icecream with a girlfriend, sometimes it’s great to just have a guy mate get to the point, give you an honest opinion and tell you to get on with things 😉 And I will always be grateful to the guys in my life that do that, as well as my more sensitive male friends who give me the best of both worlds! =)

Whilst ever supportive, not all my guy friends like looking at flowers constantly, so these pictures are for them.

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Like them? Some of these designs feature on my new notecards which will be launched mid October. The notecards are standard businesscard size on quality matte laminate cardstock and are printed by

They feature a photo on oneside and the reverse is blank with just a little logo and my web address. They’re perfect for a quick note (using a Sharpie) or you could punch a hole and use it as a gift-tag. There will be a few different theme packs and not all are flowers.

More pictures soon as my friend Jesse is keen for me to blog photos from our recent walk.

Cheers, Kell =)


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