In my dreams!

Throughout my life I’ve had dreams that feature recurring places. The dream stories themselves don’t recur, but I often revisit places that don’t exist in real life but that I’ve visited in other dreams.

I know I’m not the only one that does this, I’ve read other accounts on the internet as well as had conversations with my Mum who has similar experiences. We would both dream about rooms in our house that didn’t actually exist. Neither of us had the same rooms & her dreams were different in that she found more space etc where I usually found old dusty rooms through of armchairs. I found a door in my brother’s bedroom once that led to a nice garden. That was the only exception.

One place I’ve visited a few times is a movie theatre. It has stairs so in a way reminded me of the old Hoyts Cinema City. Beneath it was a tunnel that led to a rollerrink & games. Over time, different parts of this building have become inaccessible or hard to find.

Last night I visited the movie theatre/rink dreamplace with a friend who I haven’t hung out with in over 15yrs. Something was different and the place reminded me of the upper levels of the old Perth Entertainment centre. The rink was closed down but several were looking to the barred tiny windows, talking of how to get in. Security was tight, yet I recall seeing a dusty room and my friend and I running into each other on a slide.

I suspect someone analysing this would say I need more sleep or I’m mourning something. Others would say it’s just a dream or I’m a freak. I know these places don’t exist, though I expect my brain mashed together tiny pieces of real memories to create something new. For example, the chairs in the dusty rooms were the same as those we had outdoors when I was quite young.

I think as an artist, it’s so important to dream vividly. I believe it’s one thing that sets us apart & helps us see outside the square.

Where do you visit in your dreams? Is there a recurring place you visit? Oh and keep it clean please!


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