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Something blue

I have a wonderful group of friends that I met via an online forum six or seven years ago and together we’ve shared the highs and the very, very low lows. Some of us have never met, others of us hang out regularly, but we have always shared and supported each other and often share with each other before we do so with out own families.

They’ve been some of the most vocal and repeat offenders in supporting my work =) ย (I’m not sure that my friend Anna’s husband realises he has a sponsor child in Western Australia haha).

One of these friends (who I’ve known twice as long) recently asked me if I had any images in blue. She’d just bought some beautiful indigo coloured bedding and asked for some recommendations of an image that’d go nicely with it.

In order to show her, I have had to put together a little gallery – so I thought it might be nice to share it with the rest of you as well. Some of these images are BRAND NEW – as in I went out with my camera yesterday to shoot them especially.

Something blue:

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Now, not all of these images will be able to be enlarged too much, but another option I can prepare for you is a composite image where I tie several of your favourites into a panel. Or you can purchase individual prints and put them in a number of different frames. I’ve seen some lovely ones lately at both Spotlight (UR1 brand) and IKEA.

Enjoy these, and please do contact me if you see something you’d like. We can have a chat about how you’d like to display it (this goes for any of you lovely readers).

Kell =)


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