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Good Food & Wine Show (Perth)

This morning Jason and I headed off to the Perth leg of The Good Food and Wine Show courtesy of some free tickets we won via their Twitter account (Thanks guys!).

We made the wise decision to head down a little earlier, arriving for about 10.30am which was early enough to miss most of the crush but a little too late to grab a seat to see Matt Moran. Drat.

I’d hoped and expected to bump into Charlie and Jay who I’ve been chatting to via Twitter since…oh I don’t know, I think December 2009? That sounds about right because it was before they got married. Anyway, as fate would have it they and Piper were right in front of us as we walked in! So great to meet them at last.

Please note that the photographs accompanying this article were taken whilst I was drinking and wobbling around on my Doc Marten heels. Photoshop can only do so much to save them.

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The first samples Jas and I tried were slices of Regal smoked salmon. I’m a bit hit and miss with smoked salmon. Some days I love it to bits and other the mere thought of it makes me gag. This was unlike smoked salmon we’d had before. It didn’t have that salty, overwhelming flavour. It was very light, very fresh and didn’t taste smoky at all. I really liked it and the man that explained it to us was really great and not pushy or fake at all.

In fact, I can say that about most of the presenters there at the show. They all seemed to be passionate about the products they were selling and very friendly. Whether or not this changed after a full day of drunken people well…I don’t know!

Next stop was the Luv-a-Duck stand. We do love duck. We often pick up the duck packs when out shopping. I looovvveee duck. I wish I had a photo of the duck and beetroot sushi I ate on our honeymoon ย at the now closed “Harvest Moon” in Yallingup…I digress. Anyway. Juicy, beautiful. Should’ve nicked off with the plate.

En-route to the celebrity theatre to try and catch a glimpse of Matt Moran (we were already late so doubtful to get a seat) ย we were co-erced into the Barilla Pasta theatre. I’m not sure who the compare was but he looked familiar and had a wonderful sense of humour. The pasta was a penne rigate with prawns and pesto genovese. Delicious! We picked up a few tips too, such as never cook pesto, just stir it through cold before you serve.

More wandering around, more samples. Regrettably, neither of us can recall the names of many stalls we visited, besides the ones we collected brochures from. *blush*

I remember we tried some lolly straps and some Voodoo mint rocky-road (very nice! Normally I loathe rocky road), Piadina bread, Acai chocolate (YUM), Bondi chai, salamis (one I tried was kangaroo and beef), Preshafruit juice, Alpine jam…

Bumped into Jay and Charlie again. Still sober.

We tried some beautiful game sausages and wanted to take some home for tea but the stall didn’t have Eftpos for us to pay via credit. Couldn’t the organisers have worked out something for those exhibitors that didn’t have their own? *shrug*

Other standout food stalls were:

  • The one serving Belgian chocolate mousse served with vanilla pasmak and a cute little pair of angel wings around the dish. I didn’t get any or a sample (couldn’t get close enough despite trying several times.
  • Jean Pierre Sancho – I’ve only heard about this pastry shop in the last week. Now I’m well and truly whining that they weren’t around when I worked in the city. Their croissants look absolutely amazing : swirly, flaky, buttery heaven. I treated myself to a chocolate chip brioche bun. Mmm.
  • The Boscastle gourmet pie stall selling pies we’ve eyed off at Herdsman Fresh a few times and haven’t gotten around to buying yet. They were delicious, even flavours I wouldn’t normally try such as Thai chicken. We bought 4 varieties of party pies for $7.
  • The bacon from outside the Barossa stand. Oh-my-GOD. I’m one of those people that can eat ham and bacon but can’t handle the smell of pork. This was the best bacon I’ve had in my life.
  • Dolce Crema. The guys serving this were almost as gorgeous as the cream itself! It was a rich, sweet coffee cream. I treated myself to a cup full with a swirl of caramel sauce in it. I was enjoying it heartily until I got to the Rebello stand where I spotted both stawberry moscato and strawberry cream liquor. I am a sucker for anything strawberry flavoured so the coffee had to be quickly slurped up soIi could enjoy this. The moscato was great and reminded me a little of The Berry Farm’s sparkling strawberry wine (of which Rebello have their own) but the strawberry cream was divine. Basically it’s posh, alcoholic strawberry milk.

This is a good time to point out that I’m not a big drinker. In fact these days I rarely drink at all. Possibly due to spending 2008/09 in a nasty habit of Friday night Ecuduorian chocolate Magnums and bottles of Brown Brothers Moscato (and therefore spending my wedding day wearing a corset to disguise the weight gain!) but mainly due to my body’s craptaclar ability to process alcohol…thus sending me into a wan slumber after a few teaspoonfuls. I do like alcoholic drinks, especially the sweet ones, but given my low threshold, I usually pass it up so that I can drive and let Jason enjoy some (and compared to other guys his age he doesn’t drink very much either).

I didn’t get drunk by any means, but I did manage to ‘forget’ my low threshold and sample a few alcoholic drinks. Hey, we paid for a bus-ride into town. Why not?

Drinks I enjoyed were:

  • Reckorderlig Cider – I loved the Stawberry/Lime and the Pear whilst Jason thought the winter one was fabulous.
  • Rebello – I could’ve tried everything at this stand. Strawberry liquers are my favourite. I only tried the strawberry moscato and the Fragola Amore (creme liquer) but I’m putting the card aside for when I have money.
  • Amberley – I’ve been a huge fan of Amberley since visiting their restaurant in 2006. Sadly that is now closed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They had 2 kinds of Moscato available, a pink and a yellow coloured one. The yellow one was honeyish and very sweet. Loved it.
  • The non-alcoholic ginger drink and mulled wildberry drink from the man in the top hat.

We finished off the day with a purchase of peanut brittle and some pistachios from Morish Nuts and a last swig of Brown Brothers Moscato for me.

One of my only faults with the day was that there wasn’t enough cheese. I know they had a cheese tasting show and there was a couple of cheese stands but I didn’t see any standout soft cheese or smoked that I would have liked to try.

Stupidest question of the day award goes to the ย guys at the Baci stand “Would you like a free Baci chocolate?” Are you bloody serious?! If they’d have turned their back I’d have taken the lot. The punishment would almost have been worth it.

NOT at the show which I’d like to see at next year’s show (or maybe we have our own WA version and invite some interstate friends):

  • King Island Dairy
  • Margaret River Cheese (and yoghurt) co
  • Bannister Downs Milk
  • Koko Black
  • San Churros
  • The Berry Farm
  • Ristretto
  • New Norcia Bakeries
  • The Wine and Truffle Co
  • Roc Candy
  • Amaro Gelati
  • Mash Brewery
  • Anyone making beautiful fresh gourmet woodfired pizza
  • Margaret River Providore

I’d also like if entry included some free bread or something else to help soak up the booze with! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, great day out. Am throughly exhausted. Thanks again for the tickets!

P.S. I would really like to be a product photographer… anyone got a paid position for a part-time apprentice?


4 thoughts on “Good Food & Wine Show (Perth)

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  2. we noticed the lack of cheese stands too – bah! Maybe WA isn’t a cheese scoffing state?
    The party pies were v.yum – Pipes had the veggie one, which meant I was left the ‘burden’ of the other three – its a hard life.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I know what you mean about Dolche Crema – that guy was waaay too good looking! In fact, he was so pretty I can’t remember what the girl was like..
    Nice piccies too – you did way better on the arty side than I did – I was just pointing and shooting wildy!

    • Probably their tactic to sell more cheese course tickets. There’s a Mundaring Truffle fest end of July perhaps there will be more cheese there? Sadly same weekend as my Nanna’s party so I can’t find out.

      • Dolce crema was my favourite stand at the show! the best coffee dessert i have ever tasted!!! yummm! i thought id gone to heaven when i first tasted thiss sweet mmmmmmm!!! Everyoneeeeeeeee!!!! you have to tasteeeee!!!
        Im looking foward to having a Dolce crema machine for my sisters 21st party!!!

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