The march of time

“And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you…”
Thus goes one of the lines from Pink Floyd’s “Time”.

Ten years snuck up on me yesterday. Ten years since my lovely Grandad (Don) passed away at the age of 80. Things changed so much after that day, it certainly had a lasting effect on my family.

Me & Grandad at his 80th party, mid 2000. Digital cameras were a lot less sophisticated back then...

I’ve often wished that I’d been a little older (I was 20) and that I’d known him better as an adult. We got along well, me being his baby daughter’s firstborn but I think we would’ve been good mates as adults. My siblings couldn’t go to the hospital (I’m not sure about my cousins) but I was there with him on the day he passed and he was still in good spirits with his humour in tact. =)

Grandad was from the North West of England, I assume from Lancashire as that’s where my Mum’s from. I’m pretty sure he was in the RAF (he loved planes) and he worked as an electrician. Β He was 60 when I was born and he and Nanna moved over here in 1987. He spoilt us rotten with Smarties and pocket money, “You will need” books (DIY craft), and called all the girls in the family “chick”.

With my Mum in the mid 60s

Fixing something whilst my Mum looks on.

"Winter Spoil" at Koko Black, Claremont. (HTC Legend)

I wanted to mark yesterday’s date, but I didn’t want to mourn it, so I took myself out for a treat and to work on some of my fine art ideas, followed by some time photographing winter wildflowers in the fading light. It was really nice having him there with me. He always did like his desserts =)

P.S. I photographed the feature image of Geraldton Wax buds yesterday.


2 thoughts on “The march of time

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  2. Lovely post, Kell. Those old photos are great, and brought back a few memories of my own. I was very close to my granddad – he died 21 years ago this year – awesome man. I like the idea of marking the anniversary with dessert. My granddad was a bit of a gastronome too πŸ˜‰

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