Can you help me?

When it comes to personal matters, I’m really bad at asking for help. I might start to ask, then get all embarrassed about it and either not follow through, think other people need it more than me (which is often true) or make some fleeting comment which I either delete or laugh off. Time will tell if I do the same with this one.

Without getting into the very complicated nitty gritty of why, I’d just like to say that like it is for many others at the moment, money is a little tight and we are struggling in a few areas. As such, I’m trying to do the best I can for my business with what I have access to.

Earlier in the year, my computer stopped working completely. It’s working again now, but I am wary.

I bought it in early 2006 so it was bound to happen sooner or later. Luckily this time it broke it was only the power supply, and whilst $80 was a huge blow, it was much better than it could have been. At the time I asked the very nice technician about an intermittent issue I was having and I could upgrade the graphics card and some other bits and pieces (ie the fan).

It turns out that with the computer I have, I can’t. The graphics card is showing signs of wear and will burn out sooner or later. Unfortunately, there is apparently no way of knowing when. Which when running a business that runs heavily on graphics…well. Not good. The suggestions were to upgrade or rent. Renting is not an option as it’s just another bill, and buying a new computer at this stage is not feasible. Which is a damn shame as I’d really like to have something fast enough to allow me to embrace things such as Premiere etc to showcase my photography.

My husband has a computer but I think it’s just as old as mine and I think it’d struggle to do the same sort of work. I’m so scared that something will happen at a critical time and cause me all sorts of bother so I am trying to be proactive.

The PC I currently have isn’t a very flashy computer. When I bought it I wasn’t doing the heavy duty work I am now, it was mainly for playing a computer game!

I can’t afford to buy one, no matter how cheap you offer it. However, I’m fairly sure that someone out that upgrades often, must have an older PC (faster than mine) running the XP operating system just sitting around not doing much? If so and you are happy to gift it for free I would be ever so grateful.

I’m not adverse to Mac by the way… it’s just that all my software is for PC running XP.

Anyway, thankyou for reading and I hope you don’t think less of me for asking.


P.S. for those more technological than I am, the computer say it’s a Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz with 1.50GHz Ram. The C drive has 74.5GB used and just under 9GB free.


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