Café style

I bought my 50mm lens back in 2009. Oh, it’s such a lovely little lens, so light, so convenient, so non-intimidating! It’s opened up so much more photography to me because of these reasons. Being light, I’m more inclined to leave the house with it as it’s small enough to shove into a small shoulder bag.  Being so small and non-threatening, I have started taking images that I wouldn’t have had the courage to take with an obvious zoom lens. The convenience stems from it focusing as close as 45cm and opening to an aperture of 1.8.

The main appeal to me was the beautiful bokeh and ridiculously shallow depth of field it can produce. I could take photos in camera that reminded me of my favourite food and style magazines. I fell in love and against my better judgement, have been almost monogamous in my love affair with it. I now have to persuade myself to spend time with my other lenses. I’m sure it’ll be a similar situation should I have the pleasure of acquiring a 35mm or my much missed 60mm macro (which truth be told was never mine, just a favourite adoptee from the TAFE stores).

I have a habit now…a little ritual as it were. If I’m meeting a friend for coffee or heading out with my Husband for a meal, more often than not, my trusty camera comes too. I just can’t help myself. Jas and my close friends are used to me whipping it out now and know that there’s hell to pay if they take a bite or a sip before I’ve snapped away.

I can’t often get the photos I dream of as I do try to be discreet and I have to think of lighting, backgrounds, other diners etc, but it’s something I do really enjoy and can’t see the habit breaking in the near future. I get pretty things to photograph without trying to cook it myself and I get to eat it too whilst enjoying the company of friends. What could be better? (well obviously getting he food free or getting paid). I’m not a food blogger or a professional critic. I’m just in love with food and in love with my 50mm.

Getting to visit San Churros in the name of a blog post isn’t all bad either. 😉

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