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The Bad Piper @ Freo street arts festival

It’s that time of year again, Easter obviously, but more exciting for some, the Fremantle Street Arts Festival. Originally the Busker’s Festival, it has evolved somewhat and this year takes over the streets, malls and parks of Fremantle, Western Australia from Saturday 23rd – Tuesday 26th April.

Download the festival program here

As I’ve shared in some of my earlier posts, several years ago I went through a nasty bout of shyness and agoraphobia, so I’m proud of the fact I now feel more confident to go out in public and take street photos and try to push myself to do it as much as possible. I’m inspired by photographs I’ve seen taken by Eisenstaedt and the LIFE photographers and really like capturing the raw, unposed moments. Festivals are good for me practicing my street portraiture, especially as so many people are out with their cameras so I feel more comfortable taking photos of strangers (it’s a big difference to when someone has commissioned you to take shots).

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some newcomers to Perth and got to tell them a little about Fremantle’s history whilst we took some pictures. I love showing people my city and sharing all the history and little things the maps don’t tell them. Hopefully we can go out again soon.

I didn’t make it around too many of the performances (might make another trip down) but I did get an opportunity to meet The Bad Piper – own own punk rock, flame throwing bagpiper. Some of you may have seen him on the tele last year. I first saw him a few years ago as part of a busking band, “The Kilted Generation” but now he does his own thing. Cam was nice enough to let me take his portrait and then I snapped some photos of him and his wife Ashlee whilst he was performing.

They have been invited to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year and are hastily raising money to get over there so if you have some spare cash, pop along to one of his live shows this weekend or hit up his webpage to contact him.

To the slideshow!

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6 thoughts on “The Bad Piper @ Freo street arts festival

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    • Cheers Jules. No I didn’t know she was a photographer too (besides what I saw on the Bad piper site). I’ll check her work out. Thanks.

  3. They look great! Even though the colour ones are really colourful, I like the black and white ones better. I can’t really find the words to explain it, but I think the b&w ones define their look a bit better. My favourite one is the photo at the very top of the post!

    • Thanks for your comment Jamie. Yeah I tend to prefer black and white for photojournalism, especially contrasty. I find it helps to capture emotion better and makes the image stronger. Whilst I like colour imagery and it’s good for some shots, it can take a lot away and change the feel of the image because you get fixated on the colour instead of the image or what’s happening with the scene.

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