Attention to detail

Focus on the Point

Focus on the Point by S1ON on Flickr

I like to pick holes in things, it’s my analytical nature. Maybe it’s an after effect of having dated a film nerd, I don’t know, but if I see something wrong with a plot line, a continuity error or some other mistake when watching TV, I’m there, vocally picking holes in it, quite animatedly.

It used to drive my sister, who demanded complete silence for  watching TV, sleeping and eating, completely mad.

The worst culprits for me are soapies. Anyone that’s known me for longer than 10 minutes will know that I have an incurable addiction to Home and Away. This hasn’t been swayed by my meeting adults who were born after I started watching it…. although it does occasionally alarm me.

In my opinion, one of the biggest crimes soapies commit are age accelerating characters as they see fit (ie Lily on Home and Away should have been about 8, not 12 and don’t get me started on Summer from Neighbours!).

Another one, (which I must admit that H&A has significantly improved on) is that characters leaving the series just seemed to disappear, never to be heard of again. Which is complete crap. In real life, friends and rellies etc would have paintings on the fridge, photos, maybe the occasional phone call from somebody that’s left. They’d be mentioned in conversation from time to time. It used to be that someone would only get mentioned again if they were coming back into town. I’m glad THAT issue’s finally been looked into. I wonder if my angsty letter had anything to do with it?

Writers forgetting about the histories of their characters is a weird occurrence too. Such as H&A’s Irene being so nonchalant about Marilyn’s arrival back to Summer Bay. Hello? Irene was Marilyn’s bridesmaid for pete’s sake! You’d think she’d have been a little more excited to see her friend.

My gift for picking inaccuracies, seems to have rubbed off on my Husband, Jason who is completely incapable of sitting through an episode of Underbelly without providing a running commentary of how they’ve ruined their timelines by using the wrong model Commodores or having modern cars in the background.

It isn’t just my hopeless addiction to certain programs that cause me to get so riled up when something’s wrong. In many tv shows you’ll often see a character grab a camera to take a photo. Obviously these people are actors, not trained photographers and it’s purely for show or to showcase one of their sponsors, but it still drives me nuts. Like this week, when Rachael Rafter (Packed to the Rafters) was taking a photo of her cousin’s painting. I knew right away that with the lens she was using, the lighting and how close she was standing it’d be damn near impossible to take a photo of the whole painting  in focus and without cropping or distortion. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

It can’t just be me that does this. What do you see portrayed that’s just plain wrong or gets you riled up? Do you have a skill or hobby that never seems to be accurately portrayed? Vent it out!


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