Natural light / Portraiture

There’s only one you!

Hate having your photo taken? I do understand.

Me, understand that?! Well it depends on the day really. Sometimes I’m a complete camera tart and other days (like many other photographers) I’ll protest that I belong behind the lens, not in front of it.

Let me tell you a story.

I recall an epic argument between my parents, one I believe that in a way has influenced my photography many years down the track,

I was twelve and a portrait photography company had arranged with my school to offer cheap family portraits. So my Dad booked us in for one.

And my Mum went nuts.

Her argument was that she didn’t want a ‘cookie cutter’ style family portrait. It wasn’t us at all. She felt that she could walk into any home in Australia and see the exact same picture, same pose. The only difference would be that the faces would be different.

She refused to go to the session. I don’t think the rest of us wanted to go either, but Dad dragged us along.

We kids hated every minute of it. The photographers wanted us to pose with our arms around each other – much to our protesting. We liked each other but we’ve never been a cuddly family – these days we can go months without seeing or talking to each other. All our smiles were forced and the whole experience was uncomfortable and un-natural

I can honestly say that photo was the worst picture our family has ever had taken. It makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Having your photo taken doesn't have to be scary!

When people tell me that they hate having their photo taken, I understand. Nose too big, flash spots on forehead, red eyes. Or going somewhere like I just described. It can be scary and intimidating.

That’s why on a portrait shoot with me we won’t be in a big studio, or taking your picture at arm’s length for Facebook. We’ll be on location somewhere you love or somewhere you can relax. If you don’t want lots of people around staring at you, there’s plenty of places we can go. If you really don’t want to look at the camera, that’s fine! We can work around that.

I can’t promise that you’ll love every photo I take of you. But I promise you it won’t be scary and it won’t look like everyone’s a robot…unless that’s what you come dressed as anyway 😉

Why not check out my portraiture galleries? Or send me an email to talk about what I can do for you.



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