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Adelaide – part 2

Hi everyone! Sorry for the little lull in posting this week. With some obligations out of the way, I took a little break this week to do some baking (I made bagels from scratch!) and while away the hours with my computer game. It’s back to work today though and first thing on the to-do list is to bring you the rest of the pictures from my recent trip to Adelaide.

The good news is I seem to have finally licked the illness that plagued me on my trip there. I know my little numerology book warned I’d have to look after my health this year, but I didn’t think it’d be se serious just 3 days in! Geez. Anyway, back to normal, but I’m lamenting that I didn’t get to see as much of Adelaide as I would have if I’d been well, so it’s high on the list of somewhere I’d like to return to asap. Maybe I’ll just have to get into Hubby’s boss about buying up some more businesses πŸ˜‰


As I told you in part 1, I was really taken with Adelaide’s architecture. So many beautiful old buildings with intricate carvings and detail. I’m surprised I didn’t fall over, I was looking up so often! I don’t remember all the buildings that these details were on, but I do recall Regent’s arcade was one I particularly loved. The detail around the windows reminded me of buttons.

On my last full day (Thursday 6th), I made a fleeting visit to Glenelg on the tram. Everything I’d read said it was a 20min journey…and it probably was, it just felt really long to me. I also didn’t realise how many stops there were (the timetable showed about 5 but in reality about 17). The trip was similar to going from the Melbourne CBD to St Kilda or taking the Fremantle line to Cottesloe…similar scenery on the way.

Glenelg Beach - January 6th 2011

Glenelg Beach – January 6th 2011

Glenelg Beach - January 6th 2011

Teenage girls at Glenelg

I was only in Glenelg for about 90mins (I said it was a fleeting trip!). It was really lovely though. So hard to describe where it reminded me of. It was a bit Busselton, a bit Cottesloe. The ‘strip’ reminded me of Bondi. I’m not sure. pretty much a typical Aussie beach suburb. It seemed that very second girl was in a bikini and every third shop sold icecream. The water was quite still and there’s a long pier (similar to St Kilda) where teenagers were leaping off into the water. I stood here for a while and watched the planes from the nearby airport take off over the bay.

On Thursday night Jason and I went for dinner at a little place across from our hotel. It’s called Ambassadors and is one of the oldest hotels in the city. The balcony dining room wasn’t open but instead we dined in the Marble Bar. This was a gorgeous, intimate room which was full of antiques (no doubt from the hotel itself!) and reminded me very much of my childhood home. We both had a really posh version of bangers and mash. Fat duck sausages in a rich, dark gravy and served with truffled mash. It was only $19 each, was so wonderfully comforting and the hostess was lovely.

Some things that did surprise me about Adelaide were:
1) Buying a ticket, even from the bus driver, doesn’t activate the ticket. You still have to put it in the multirider machine. A few tourists (myself included) nearly got in trouble for that one.
2) They have a complete ban on plastic bags. Good thing I had my tote from Nika’s Artemiss Creations with me.
3) They still haven’t banned smoking outside at restaurants and pubs. That was really off-putting. I’ve become quite used to it here in Perth and didn’t realise it wasn’t a national law. Still, judging by all the posters around Adelaide CBD, they are working on that.

Edited 25/4/2013 removed photo links to Flickr.



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