Pear & Cranberry muffins

Pear, ginger & cranberry muffins

Pear, ginger & cranberry muffins

It’s been quite a while since I blogged any new photos of yummy baked goodies. Partly because I’ve had too much on to cook and partly because I promised I’d do something about losing weight. Luckily, nobody said I couldn’t bake healthy stuff, so I made these gorgeous pear muffins!

The recipe is from Sophie Dahl’s book “Miss Dahl’s Voluptious Delights” which I borrowed from my local library. I made a couple of changes, substituting cranberries for raisins and wholemeal flour for spelt flour (I just simply couldn’t afford spelt flour) and they are divine! So nice and light and none of that concrete stomach feeling you usually get from a cafe treat (ie genarally a sugary cake disguised as a muffin).

Aren’t these cups and saucers divine? They were my Nanna’s and as I’ve said previously, she recently moved into a home so we had to find new homes for the endless array of pretty crockery she’d accumulated over her 89 years. I took 2 of the 4 of this set…I don’t know why I didn’t take all four… I think I felt greedy…the other two are probably floating around an op-shop in Perth somewhere. Her garage was so full that she could’ve started her own op shop!

I made some peppermint tea to accompany the muffins. I now grow great clumps of peppermint by my back door after my Mum told me I really should put some in there and make the most of the run-off from the airconditioner. I washed heaps of it, put it in a pillowcase and hung it outside on the clothesline on one of Perth’s 36c + days. By teatime it was nice and dry and ready to store for later infusion. Genius!

Anyway, enjoy the pretty pictures, I’m off to continue my domestic goddessness by cooking pizza chicken for dinner. No…not chicken pizza…baked chicken pieces covered in pizza ingredients. I thought it was worth a go.

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