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Product brochure for craft business

These wonderful knitted beauties are the hard work of my friend Molly, and I’ve been meaning to blog them for a couple of months now. I had to create a mock product brochure as one of the final assignments for my Commercial photography class and completely blown away with Molly’s work, I asked if I could borrow her precious pieces to photograph. The business name is just one I made up.

This kind of shows you the table

Most of the images were taken in the TAFE product studio on the product tables. The product table is essentially a piece of almost (but not quite) opaque acrylic that’s best in an S shape over a metal 90degree frame…essentially a little infinity backdrop for the product. I wanted to try and get the detail in the stitches so I lit from underneath and then alternated with a snoot and a softbox over the top to try and get the best effect. Most of the time I was shooting my final assignments, I was working alone outside of class time. This was both a blessing and a curse… I couldn’t leave the room with all the gear and there was nobody to help move things etc but at the same time I could get in, do my thing and get out. Ordinarily, I don’t mind helping others with their shoots etc (sometimes they can’t get rid of me) but at the end of the year it’s pretty much everyone for themselves!

Other shots such as the skeins of wool and the shawl hanging up were shot outside in natural light.

To say that Molly has a vast collection of fibre is to undersell the obsession really. Where my Ikea Expedit bookshelf is full of books and mementos, hers is full of batts, skeins and other stuff (I evidently don’t know the terminology…having knitted nothing besides a wonky scarf and a scratchy mobile cover). It’s all very Jedi almost, it’s just part of her…it’s who she is. It’s like me and my photography really…or my chocolate…I’m not the same without it.

Most of the yarn used in these pieces, she handspun herself and when she isn’t making her own, she likes Wollmeise which is fairly expensive as far as I know. That stuff in the main picture is Wollmeise and the colours really are that lovely and bright!

All of these projects are documented on Molly’s Ravelry page. It won’t let me in, because I’m not a member, but if you are, her username is Madradish.

Enjoy and thanks again Molly! =)


Skeins of Wollmeise yarn


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