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Adelaide – January 2011 (part 1).

Edited 18/2/2017 – Improved photographs.

Just before Christmas, Jason rang me from work. “Do you want to go to Adelaide?” he asked me.
“Why on earth would I want to go to Adelaide?”

As an unwritten rule, us West Australians heap crap on the South Australians. I don’t know why…we just do, like Aussies and Kiwis rib each other, like Melbournites and Sydneysiders do. Adelaide? Boring…it’s just somewhere you go on the way to somewhere else. My Mum tells me my brother loves Adelaide. Well, he spends all his time under a car, he’s hardly an authority on exciting places to go, is he? “Why?” I asked Jas.

“Oh I have to go for work, we’re taking over another business. The boss has offered to fly you over too.”
“Oh alright then, yeah, why not?”

Unlike other holidays I did some planning, but I didn’t really throw myself into it. I wanted to do three things – Go to the markets, go to Haigh’s chocolate shop and stock up on peppermint frogs and go to the zoo to see the pandas and the flamingoes.

We flew in about 10.30pm last Monday. I’d been feeling a bit rotten for a while. Really dried out. I put it down to dehydration…too much time spent in the the airconditioning over Christmas and New Year. Had gone through a whole tube of Hydralyte on the way over and cursed the fact we were sitting next to a toddler with no mute button. Passed out in bed around midnight with plans to go explore and take photos on Tuesday morning once Jas had gone to work. No rush really, after all, it’s just Adelaide.

Errr…I got up feeling pretty bloody awful. Had brekkie and saw Jas off to work and then I went for a walk.

And promptly fell in LOVE with Adelaide.

Surprisingly, everyone I spoke to there raved about Perth too. So maybe I have really been living under a rock. I thought they didn’t like us!

It’s so flat! For someone like me with fatigue issues, it was wonderful! No hills! Hmm…I still felt a little puffed and hot though. Must be the change in weather…ho hum.

Oh my! The architecture! Not only old buildings, but ornate too with lots of carvings and what I refer to as ‘twiddly bits’. Nevermind the churches, even the most unassuming buildings had beautiful twiddly bits. I know Perth has some, old buildings (a lot have been pulled down for ‘progress’) but I guess we were too busy having a goldrush or something or I’m looking in the wrong places because I’ve never seen such gorgeous work before. I was in love!




I made my way to the Central Markets, not holding my breath as I was very let down by the Melbourne Markets. I shouldn’t have worried about anything other than my pathetic excuse for a bank balance – it was gourmet foodies heaven. Not long after, I was walking around with a fresh coffee, a caraway & seasalt bagel and a $2 mango the size of my camera body (ie pretty damn big). I never wanted to leave!

But I was feeling pretty worn out, sore and thirsty….even more so than usual. So I had to go back to the hotel before I could go out again. I drank the 3L of water I’d brought back from Coles, wondering why I felt so rotten. Then I went one block from my hotel, ended up in Rundle Mall (which looks just like Hay St mall only longer) and took some photos before stocking up on Haigh’s chocolates. There, that was 2 things off my list, I might just go and lie down now…

Then Jas came home and dragged me out for dinner, even though I just wanted to stay in bed. There’s no arguing with him when he gets his sulky face on. You just have to go with it. Dinner was lovely, we went to Jasmin which is one of the top Indian restaurants in town. it was a little hard to find but wow…the ambience! The food! We ordered tandoori lamb which smelt and tasted amazing but sadly wasn’t the fall off the bone type of meat you usually get at Indian restaurants, a bit tougher. The other thing we had was the rather unassumingly named ‘fried fish and dhal’. Oh-my-God. This was the most beautifully seasoned fish I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of fish. It was in lemon and some spices…not sure what but it was divine. I ate way more than I should have done and then we rolled back to the hotel.

I was up all night…coughing, hot, cold, drinking water like it was going out of fashion etc…I felt REALLY sick, like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I hadn’t been this ill in a couple of years – which was really unfair as I’d just decided I really liked Adelaide and there was heaps I wanted to see.

I found out a couple of days later (first when I called the locum on Thursday night and again when I went to Royal Perth on Saturday) that I had a really nasty chest infection or something to that effect. I’ve had so many antibiotics in the last few days that I’m surprised I haven’t turned into Pacman.

Of course I didn’t know this on Wednesday morning. All i knew was that even if I passed out and they had to carry me out of the zoo, I was going to see the pandas and the flamingoes. I might not get another chance. I rocked up at 9.30am (discovering that the zoo is deceptively close to the city) and walked straight into a panda tour. It was already really hot but it was early enough for the pandas to be playful. It was great! I had my 55-200mm lens on and set myself an iso range of 200-800 (with manual focus and settings) so I could have a play and not worry too much about them walking in and out of shadow. They were beautiful! Like big kitties…I know you think more like teddies but they just reminded me of my cat. Aww.





Just outside the panda exhibit were the flamingos. The Chilean one was a bit shy and stayed up the back but the Greater flamingo was hanging around right near the rail…and that was the cool thing about the zoo…how close you could get to all the animals! Especially the giraffes. Our giraffes in Perth are miles away, you have no chance of seeing them if you’re short like me. There’s no elephant at Adelaide though…not that I could see, but I did stand in the old enclosure with an elephant skull. That was kinda creepy actually.







Whoa! Well my word count is well over 1100 words or so now…so much for splitting into two posts! Thanks for reading and enjoy the zoo photos, I’ll post some architecture etc pics and info about the rest of the trip soon…I am feeling much better but I still better take a break. Here are some more photos from the zoo. I’m off to rest.













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